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TheGenieLab Blog

We blog regularly. We enjoy sharing useful knowledge and information on ecommerce and news about TheGenieLab. We believe in sharing the benefit of our experience, and often cover Shopify, Magento and other platforms we work on.

Adding Landed costs calculations to your store, and preparing for Brexit

04 November 2019 by Chris Behier

Having an international capable store is important to have the reach to serve clients worldwide. What is more complex is the ability to estimate and deliver the correct landed price/cost...

Next eCommerce growth is coming from Russia and Shopify is ready

08 October 2019 by Chris Behier

So what does this mean to you? Shopify has made a significant effort to internationalize its platform and is offering several tools to assist with your ability to reach this...

Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Rocket Your Sales

01 October 2019 by Chris Behier

  Based on best practices, synergistic messaging for your marketing funnel to give your marketing presence and bring clients to your shop. All five areas are not exclusive, and some...

Integrating Live Chat Into Your Shopify Store While Keeping Your Freedom

30 September 2019 by Chris Behier

Integrating Live Chat Into Your Shopify Store While Keeping Your Freedom   If you run a small and lean operation with your eCommerce store, you know how crucial it is...

Cart Abandonment Analysis and how Shopify Apps can help

23 August 2019 by Chris Behier

The latest data for the complete year of 2018 shows that carts are abandoned 79.17% of the time – which is a very large percentage in which you can retarget...

How Secure Is Your Ecommerce Site from Hackers?

09 August 2019 by Genie Lab

This topic is large and wide around the globe and it affects everyone. Consumers may have their details stolen, Businesses could lose revenue for their business and governments/banks could suffer...

Incorporating ERP to your Shopify store: Your very own Multichannel and Omnichannel strategy.

09 August 2019 by Genie Lab

If your Shopify store is humming along, and you are wondering if you could leverage it into various marketplaces and deliver a unified customer experience - this might be just...

Shopify Unite 2019: Is Shopify Globalisation finally here?

09 August 2019 by Genie Lab

Going from Beta in 2018 to full-on multilingual, Shopify has given merchants the ability to localize their stores in the various languages listed below. That’s the first step towards globalization. This...

Best 3 Converting Shopify Themes for 2019

09 August 2019 by Genie Lab

Conversion is key for your Marketing Funnel to operate and take the client through the last crucial phase of purchasing and the key enabler for clients to put their products...

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