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Minning eCommerce insights from market analytics
When looking at the eCommerce market, and are looking to get your Shopify store to compete in the online retail space, you have to rely on a lot more than just Shopify Analytics to ensure you reach your target audience and get your digital marketing strategy to be effective. Your online store may be primed with an effective funnel giving you high conversion rates, but it is the market itself that has to be primed and tapped into to reach your eCommerce revenue goals. Here we will cover the min
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Shopify International Shipping and Payments
Growing your business will inevitably bring you at some stage to take your online store internationally. This is an important step as it will impact the business in logistics, costs, and administration (Duties filing). If your business model currently covers the United States with promotions of free shipping, taking this model to international markets will incur higher prices than what the exchange rates would translate to. Payment methods will be different at different rates, and the final mile
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