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Shopify's YouTube Promotional Tips
With 2.6 Billion users on YouTube, the 2nd largest social media company, 1 billion hours of videos watched daily with a growing user base, not engaging with this social media platform might ignore a large audience that would appeal to....
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Shopify Search - new Shopify App and Discovery
When the audience comes to your store, studies have shown that those using the Search Bar to find your products are 2-3 times more likely to purchase than casual browsing. Your search box is an essential function on your Shopify...
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Shopify Editions talks about Consumer Connections
Most would ask what are these connections, and do they engage better for engagement leading to conversions? There is a lot of data, market research, and analysis when you are starting a business. The digital space is vast, ranging from social media to email marketing, and business owners are challenged in pushing forward with their online business. Connecting the consumer to your brand and your online store takes some strategy. Shopify Editions is the vehicle in which features that support a dee
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