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Driving digital transformation with tailored ecommerce growth strategies
Driving digital transformation

Whether your online store is on Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Wix, WooCommerce, or any other platform, it must align with your audience's expectations.

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TheGenieLab’s marketing services focuses on your business model, your partnerships, and your relationships to verify the cause and effect of the dynamics of your online store. With this in mind, taking on the strategy to have your site resonate and engage your audience is crucial for conversion, loyalty, referrals, and growth.

Driving traffic requires marketing strategies to reach your audience and make them potential customers. How this is achieved takes a customer satisfaction approach with a digital marketing strategy that's broken down below.

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Structured Content

Every page requires the content to be structured between titles, headers, and the content that covers those headings. This applies to your Home Page, Product Pages, Landing Pages, Blogs, and any other page that matters to your marketing and products/services.

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User Interface Design (UI)


Understanding your SEO, as well as the keywords used in your advertisements and how they relate competitively is crucial to successfully target your audience. A competitive analysis is very important to understand traffic flows, and find opportunities to take on the keywords that cater to that audience.

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Classic Marketing Principles

Marketing is ever-changing for competitive reasons, seasonal or growth are just a few reasons why. While classic might indicate not being innovative, missing the basics can be crippling to your business and wasteful to your Ad-spend.

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A/B Testing

Page Speed

While technically this is impactful for SEO, the user experience especially on mobile is important to take note. Page optimization is important when it comes to JavaScript, Image size vs. quality, and server/service rendering of the page. Optimization takes on various techniques to get the speed you need.

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Marketing Funnel Studies

We analyze customer journeys, identify drop-off points, and optimize every stage to maximize conversions. Discover hidden opportunities and boost ROI. Our Marketing Funnel Studies provide data-driven insights that guide your marketing efforts for more effective and efficient campaigns.

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Website Optimization

Elevate your online presence with our services. We enhance site speed, improve UX, and optimize content to drive more traffic and conversions. Ensure your website is a powerful marketing tool. Our Website Optimization services focus on SEO, mobile responsiveness, and conversion rate optimization to maximize your digital impact.

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Michale Tarr and Christian Behier from The Genie Lab have been excellent to work with. They took on a very arduous task of migrating our website from a Magento platform to the Shopify platform. Our website had many issues and the migration was like fitting a square peg into a round hole, however they and their team accomplished the task. The new site looks better, runs faster and has a better SEO. I would highly recommend The Genie Lab, Michael, Christian and their team to anyone who wants reliable and professional help with their website.

Neal E. Jarest • CEO, Opulence of Southern Pines, LLC

Had a GREAT experience working with Genielab. Super knowledgeable team and always with good disposition to help make things happen. They have a full team with devs for frontend, custom apps, etc. Thank you so much GenieLab!

ALEXIS B • Founder, Bareful

"Working with TheGenieLab has been a blast, they are very patient especially since we had many requirements and changes throughout. The turnaround time for the app was fairly quick, as well as their support."

CEO, Smartliner USA

"Great communication and the work was excellent. After being told no by a few others they were able to get the job done! Will be using them for Shopify development in the future!"

George Ramos • CEO, No Live Bait Needed

"Wanted a custom page for our new collection. Great communication during the process and did the job in under 7 days. Will be using again for sure."

Sebastian Agace • CEO, Alma De Ace

TheGenieLab executed to the requirements with precision all the while delivering a high performance site with great merchandising qualities. The site covers features using a custom theme and a Shopify App to manage clients for B2B. Mike is a pleasure to work with, and will get things done. SIC Cups will continue to seek their services going forward.


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