Wix eCommerce and setting up your SEO

Wix eCommerce and setting up your SEO

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When it comes to your online shop, being a small business requires most to be frugal and clever in how you spend your resources. Tools like social media and various Apps in the App Store can assist in funneling customers over - but is this enough? How do you go about making your shopping cart busy with customers purchasing your products?

There is a lot to consider on-site and off-site to bring the right clientele to use their credit card with your business. The Wix eCommerce Platform is a great way to do an amazing website design all the while having powerful tools at your disposal. Below are key pointers for any business owner to manage and track for their SEO efforts.

  1. Your Website and Keywords for Google Search.

  2. Your Wix eCommerce site architecture.

  3. Wix eCommerce On-Page SEO

  4. SEO Technical issues in your Wix store

  5. Wix eCommerce SEO Marketing Strategy

Keywords and Google Search

Usually, the focus on setting up an eCommerce store is to focus on the brand, the marketing message, the products, pricing, taxes, shipping, and card processing. Most times Keywords for search engines are not an activity that comes to mind when building out a site - yet it is extremely important to do. Focus on funneling the customers to purchase, enticing them with reward cards, and flexible payment options may be all part of the plan. Google Search is all about the content that's on your online store, and how it fits the search words being used by internet users. This means that your online store must have "Core Keywords" for the industry you are in, the products you sell, the service and support you offer.

From your home page to landing pages, product descriptions and what's shared on your social media platforms have to have a theme of keywords that associate your products to those searches and have your store registered into Google Search Console. Semantic Keywords help enrich your text with the Core Keywords by association, helping your pages to rank better by relevance.

Wix eCommerce site architecture

Whether it is a physical or a digital product, it is important to note how many "clicks" it takes you to find what you are looking for. Much depends on the complexity of the product, the nature of the industry, and the tools provided to find the right item. Wix eCommerce gives you more flexibility when it comes to variants in a product for example - making the architecture more condensed. The goal is to be 3-clicks or less away from what you are looking for from the page you have landed on from the Google Search.

Once your Wix eCommerce Store is completed, make sure you submit the Sitemap.xml to Google Search Console for Google to index its pages. Google has professional tools and services that help you manage and track your impressions and clicks to your page, and which page has the most success in attracting customers.

Wix eCommerce On-Page SEO

As previously mentioned, keywords do not lead the effort in creating and designing your online store, but this phase is required to accomplish your keyword strategy in various areas of your pages and product descriptions.

Page-URL: Have the links be short and to the point of the keyword you would like to have Google Search recognize in a search. Being too wordy, or too vague detracts from the search - choose wisely in consideration of all your pages and portfolio of keywords that will be your core set.

Formatting and Keyword Titles: Use headers and sub-headers (H1, H2, H3) that your core keywords that have structure are used in these structures. Being succinct as well as consistent with the Page-URL is key.

Product Descriptions: SEO Keywords for each product description should be researched for their Semantic keywords, and the description should be enriched with these additional keywords. Product categories need consistent keywords to support URLs.

Meta Titles and Descriptions: Again, consistency in the use of Keywords, and associated keywords must be made, with a strong alignment to its URL. The Google bots index the structures methodically, and the more consistency you have, the more correlation you have in your page content the greater the impact it will have on search results.

Image Alt-text: For all your images, adding Alt-Text for relating your imagery to your products is very important. Some people search visually, they click on "Images" once the search results come back, and browse visually - to then select what they see as relevant. Your images won't show up to any relevance if this is not done consistently and correctly.

Internal Backlinks: If you have content that elaborates on product usage, FAQ's, Q&A, Support Q's, a Forum, or even a knowledge base, having products linking back to this content counts as positive for users as well as for the indexing that sees the additional links to relevant material (keywords).

Rich Snippets: This is an additional layer of text that adds more explanation on your products and services by you giving on-page assistance through the schema markup strategy of your product page content.

SEO and Technical issues in your Wix Store

SEO Audits crawl your whole site for errors, broken links, duplicate page titles, and many more issues that are considered poor information architecture, and poor SEO. From the audit, you will get a report with the various issues that have been found.

Broken Links are especially important - 404's are considered a serious error, therefore 301 redirects are used to take an indexed link that Google has captured from the past, and then redirect it to a valid page. This is a default Wix Toolset under SEO Tools.

The more condensed your online store is, with fewer repeating pages, and pages that are enriched with semantic keywords, the more Google will raise its authority. Additionally, when it comes to backlinks from other sites, make sure they are not "toxic" and they are valid, it is important to let Google know that you are popular and respected by weeding out the bad from the good links.

Miscellaneous: Page speed is very important, and your audit should include it. Note that the audit page speed may not reflect the Google Analytics/Behavior/Page Speed results since the Google side measures the full browsing experience including the page rendering on a smartphone. Metadata needs to be filled out, which is back to consistent keywords to be used relating to the page and content. Don't forget to compress your images to deliver better page rendering speed and overall site performance.

Wix eCommerce SEO Marketing Strategy

By now it is apparent that planning is a very important part of your ability to reach your customers through SEO. Your keywords, your consistency in building your online store, your links, and your content to be part of your overall online marketing strategy. The forethought to drive your online marketing requires research of your competition's keywords, then seek out what would differentiate your keywords from the competition yet be in the mind of the searchers for your product all the while avoiding competing keywords. If you need any additional advice, feel free to reach out to us at wish@thegenielab.com

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