BigCommerce SEO Features

BigCommerce SEO Features

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BigCommerce is an Open SAAS platform, part of the SAAS side, is the cloud-based eCommerce engine, where the "Open" part points to the expandability through its fast and capable API. Here we will look at the internal features and what makes this platform great for your Online Store SEO and Marketing strategy.

Structured Data

When planning your online store, the content has to be organized into categories and content types that make up your information architecture. Having this organization, which includes the keywords that have been researched with your competition and your brand, you will be able to have a high-quality user experience and make Google in tune with your search criteria.

User Research and Keywords

Finding where your audience resides in which social networks or types of social media is important to understand what is being said, and how they express themselves. Social Media platforms have keyword searching much like Google Search and this gives you an upper hand in doing your research. Taking FaceBook, for example, there will be groups most likely where users come together and discuss the field of your product or service. Social media sites are a gold mine for doing research for social media marketing and your Online Store SEO.

User-Centered Design

Now that your structured data has been determined, your visual design speaks to the user experience and there are several approaches to take. BigCommerce themes come in categories and industries which is a good first step. To refine it further, interaction designing where your audience engages with you to recommend enhancements in both web page content to ensure reader attention and engagement. Amongst this exercise, your keywords will start filling out the relevant pages and usability tests will define your "term" user experience.

BigCommerce SEO Technical Features

The above will work on any eCommerce store, now is how is BigCommerce able to handle your content. Anything between a Metatag to snippets is included when it comes to doing your on-site SEO as well as registering with Google Analytics and the Google Search Console to track user behaviors and how effective your marketing is.

  • On-page SEO — All the pages have Titles, Meta Descriptions, and all the HTML5 SEO structures you can expect.

  • Optimized URLs — The BigCommerce SAAS Admin auto-populates SEO-friendly URLs for products, categories, Blogs and, pages. You can also be able to change your URL if you see it necessary.

  • Unique URLs — BigCommerce ensures that every page is unique and has only one URL, this ensures that Google will not penalize you.

  • Microdata — Built-in microdata, or “rich snippets,” are inserted into the product pages to enhance your search result listings with information like ratings, pricing, brand, and stock levels.

  • 301 redirects and URL rewrites — When a product is renamed, the auto-populated URL will adjust to reflect the name change, and the old URL will be redirected to the new URL. Automatic redirects and rewrites help search engines understand when you've made changes or moved pages on your online store.

  • CDN — Although there are many things you can do to increase your site speed, BigCommerce has a special content delivery network that is always working in the background to make sure your site loads quickly for both shoppers and search engines (after all, site speed impacts search rankings).

BigCommerce Technical SEO

While site speed is important, the mobile experience, the site structure are also key when it comes to ensuring that Google Bots can crawl the pages and follow the sitemap and any redirects for it to index the pages and their keywords/contents. When it comes to the online store structure, BigCommerce already has this pre-setup within its architecture, and the BigCommerce Themes have incorporated its structure into its templates so that you can apply your brand, content, and still customize it. BigCommerce is one of the highest-end SAAS platforms when it comes to capability and maturity in this field.

SEO Tracking and Monitoring

As previously mentioned, Google Analytics and Google Search Console can provide you with a lot of information on traffic, behaviors, trends, and research. There are additional tools that will complement these two key areas such as keyword analytics tools such as SemRush/A-Href's. Getting the full spectrum of your traffic is important to see how your audience is using the information architecture, and how to take the right steps in furthering your Organic SEO in content, backlinks, and keyword expansion. It isn't enough to just build the site, site maintenance is a required effort with blog posts, and white papers to continue to expand your content and gain authority in the field you compete in.


With BigCommerce, you have every tool available to you to maximize your onsite SEO, where you can share information with your marketing team and execute your digital marketing strategy. Tools that can help you write a blog post are available, as is with content writers to drive your marketing forward and improve your Authority. We at TheGenieLab have certified BigCommerce Experts and SEO Services at your disposal if you need to enquire further - write to us at

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