How to optimize your content marketing with Shopify's SEO

How to optimize your content marketing with Shopify's SEO

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It all started with Google's search engine when they brought their toolset for online businesses to use such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and keyword searches. In today's digital marketing landscape, your content marketing strategy has to be on point since there are many more marketplaces, social media platforms where your content will appear. With your marketing campaigns bring your target audience to your home page, it is important to understand the various concepts on aligning your organic content to boost your traffic.

Shopify SEO tools

Shopify's platform gives you the basic tools for you to use and make your online store noticed on the web, however, it does not give you the tools to ensure you have sharpened your marketing. Shopify allows products and services to be given content in structured data structures for you to apply product descriptions to your product pages, page titles, title tags, meta tags, alt text making your online store SEO friendly. However, any piece of content can be added in these fields, therefore a Shopify Expert that has Organic SEO experience can assist in getting your content aligned for improved traffic.

Google Search Console

Once you have submitted your XML file for the Google Search Console to crawl your online store, it will index your pages and content by categorizing your authority to keywords found in your content. It is important to note that organic SEO is more than just keywords, it is measured in how well your online store is organized for the Google Search Console to crawl your store, and what they measure to be a good customer experience such as page speed, site errors, 404 page not found indexed links which have no redirects are some of these.

Shopify Apps for SEO

There are a dozen or so SEO-based Shopify Apps that will help you with the Shopify SEO capabilities for your online store. These apps aim to audit your online store for issues, help you with content that's missing or is duplicated to resolve the issues so that the Google Search Console is awarding your online store a higher score. The Apps vary in what they do, and how they go about doing these improvements ranging from images to data structures. While you feel this is a strong first step, which getting your store in better shape for Google Search is, more is required to reach your target audience.

Content Marketing

Without having to attend a content marketing institute to understand how to drive your organic traffic's authority, it requires you to have a strategic view of what is being said and how it can be propagated. With the presence of social networks and the addition of video content, your brand awareness potential is limitless. Building the foundations of keyword marketing, creating content that is of interest and can be shared on social media makes a big difference when it comes to traffic and an engaging audience. This is of course in line with all the other marketing tenets such as the 4P's, market relevance of the offerings, and the ability to deliver a great and unique experience.

When it comes to Shopify's SEO tools, its content structures and blogging are the key areas when it all begins. Additionally, Social Media Apps that integrate images from Instagram, YouTube video's from your channel all the while assisting customer via Facebook Messenger are key add-ons where content have an impact in and out of Shopify. Facebook pages, groups, and interacting with business/product partners on social media platforms is part of the effort in generating interest. However, the market continues to change, showing that your business is adapting to change and is delivering the experience of today and the product of tomorrow takes creativity and an innovative spirit.

Marketing Campaigns and your Organic SEO

Alignment between your organic content when it comes to google ads, it very important since much like your organic searches, advertising responds to the same keywords being searched. This means that when you are looking to advertise, a strong sense of which keywords are going to be used as search criteria, which ones relate to the core products and services, and does your organic content supports the experience once there is a conversion from an advertisement. Not to be mistaken with an online store conversion, bringing a client from an Advertisement to your store is a conversion when it comes to Google Ads.

While before classic marketing approaches of Value Proposition, Differentiation, Product positioning, 4P's, and a great product and service was enough to win the day, online marketing has made these concepts one of the dimensions and expanded beyond them. Today, keywords, social media, hashtags, influencers, and business models are all the rage when it comes to extending the classical marketing concepts.


Connecting your product to your target audience is no longer based on how loud your voice to the world resonates into sales - the internet has disrupted this by the mere fact that anything can go "viral" and reaches sudden fame. With the smartphone capturing moments, events, experiences with products and services, it can elevate your brand, or sink it quickly. Therefore great care has to be applied to a strong strategy to penetrate and grow your authority in the market you compete in. Aligning your market strategy to your online marketing one will help augment your reach and have greater accuracy in reaching your target audience.

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