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This amazing Italian-inspired Lingerie company caters to an all-inclusive audience, with the softest lace and indulgent Pima Cotton PJ's. With new collections arriving, promoting and helping this popular site to perform in conversions is what TheGenieLab focuses on.

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Luxury Lingerie Since 1983

The Situation

TheGenieLab is focused on UI/UX Design, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), SEO Content, Using the Shopify Plus API to aid in size-mapping, and delivering an easy experience for their USA/Global stores.

Regular interactions and coordination deliver the end-user experience following our Agile process and production quality control and release schedule.

TheGenieLab Continuous Improvement approach

Service Level Agreement (SLA) clients undergo an assessment of the business goals and allocate SLA Hours of development for Maintenance, Improvements, and Seasonal Events. With this in mind, and the approach of making every change count to enhance the authority of the site, its ability to attract the right clientele and help them "convert" is the core of the spirit of the collaborative effort.

Using data from our SEO tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, CRO tools, A/B testing, and various Apps - Metrics for Strategic Input and Business enhancement. Using these Metrics between the business and TheGenieLab, we devise plans for reaching business goals.


Core Conversion strategies

Getting the product page flow between variant selection, Sale Pricing and available sizing is a tricky business and can frustrate customers in not finding their size/color/price. By studying the challenge, we brought solutions in front-end JavaScript, usability (UX) and with CRO guidance we enhanced the experience.

The Shop By Size feature is a key component for customers to figure out their sizing, given that Cosabella has "Inclusive" sizing of Curvy, Extended, Super Curvy, and Ultra Curvy. These custom sizings have overlaps and don't directly relate to the standard sizing for most people. Therefore we have added an International sizing converter to their Size Types, for a search feature to give them the available choices to choose from. This is a huge success as over 5% of all traffic use this feature.

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