Tracking and Exploring future eCommerce challenges and their conversations

Tracking and Exploring future eCommerce challenges and their conversations

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In the constant endeavor to grow the eCommerce space, there are many forums where business and government professionals are gathering to discuss regulatory, technological, and logistical challenges as well as looking ahead in the direction where trends are shifting.

Types of challenges

eCommerce Week – April /May 2020: “How to expand the scope for value creation and capture in the digital economy by developing countries?”

This is a good question – while the “1st world” economies enjoy a stable currency, society, government controls, and business delivery/execution, the opportunity lies in that “developing” countries need to reach that level of stabilization to have eCommerce work efficiently. It is not so much the issue of “trust” but also the ability to deliver the product/service reliably, and at a quality standard that would enhance the eCommerce space.

Here is an example of a conference built around these conversations:

Where are these conversations taking place?

There are all over the world and have many different types of agendas. Some are more technical, some are more regulatory centric, or logistics focused. Here is a link to view this year’s meetings around the globe that covers digital marketing to eCommerce and anything related to it:

How is this useful to your business? If you follow successful strategies, products, marketing, and communication discussions to formulate your own then it is like picking out nuggets of gold in a stream. In the link above, it is organized by topic/theme and it links to the conference directly. There you will find the speakers, and how you can engage and participate. Some can be engaged online while some are to be attended physically. Either way, it’s a great way to get engaged in where things are going, and how you can benefit from these conversations.

You are not the only one.

While you are focused on your business and all of its integral parts – from the supply chain, inventory management, logistics, financial reporting – you name it. You find yourself isolated from the rest of the world on the challenges that present themselves to you. The best part is that the internet captures many of the same challenges, and when the challenge is an industry one – the problem solving is being done in these forums, so seek out how they do it so you can solve it for yourself.


While a balanced approach in attending and participating in conferences/forums to seek out how your business can do better in different departments, or preparing for the next wave in the eCommerce space. The focus on the business is always primary – however, “problems” and eCommerce expansion is being sought by many groups around the world. The outcomes of these conversations can influence your future, being aware is important, participating and being engaged can bring bigger fruits to your business.

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