Top 10 Wix eCommerce Apps for your online store

Top 10 Wix eCommerce Apps for your online store

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Wix is a powerful cloud-based eCommerce Website Builder that's in tune to google analytics and is easy to optimize for search engines. Wix stores are easy to set up and customize when it comes to building a website - however, when it comes to sales, additional tools should be considered to assist with the sale funnel. Here we will cover the top 10 Wix eCommerce Apps that should be considered in your online store.

Every small business and business owner can benefit from an online shop, using best practices from the app store will help the conversion rate. All kinds of products from physical to digital products can be listed and be placed in a shopping cart, managed, and tracked with payment options at your disposal. Promotional social media marketing tools, email marketing as well as additional professional tools and services are available.

The Wix eCommerce platform

Website design has come a long way with content management being the core of eCommerce which easily gives you product categories, product descriptions to build your eCommerce business and sell your products through social media platforms. Wix is an intuitive and flexible environment that can deliver the look and feel your brand wants to present.

Wix Stores

This is the eCommerce App to add to a Wix Website to make it an online store. This Wix App gives you the ability to add products and services, gives you a shopping basket and a place to transact with a credit card making your Wix site an eCommerce store. It is of course a critical component within your Wix project while building a website that will do commerce.

vCita Inc

In order to take on a credit card, you need this app which is Wix's Payment processor created by Wix. This Wix App charges a minimal monthly fee of $12.25 at the start of every month (free up to $300/mo in transactions), with no transaction fee. It is an easy-to-manage app to set up your currency, have SMS/Email notifications, and allows branded invoices to be sent out to your customers.

Wix Blog

Part of your marketing tools is your content marketing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as writing articles to elaborate on your brand, products, and services this is a must-have App. Google searches use keywords to associate content to your Wix site or online store through search results. Content marketing complements your google ads and email marketing.

Wix Language Menu

When creating a website, you might want to appeal to international audiences, Wix supports you in up to 30 languages, adds a language menu selector, and is mobile friendly. You won't need a custom domain to manage various languages, just one place for your audience to visit, ready and engage with your online business.

Countdown Timer

The Wix Countdown Clock can alert your audience of an event such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, it is a useful tool for your customers to engage with your marketing strategy and the anticipated announcement of products and services.

Wix Hit Counter

In order to track visitors and where they visit your website, this real-time App is simple and to the point. Part of your marketing strategy with landing pages that delivers the metrics to see which campaign gives you the best results - definitely worth adding to any Wix site.

Wix Forms

A contact us form is usually part of the website structure since customers might have products and services questions, or even tax and shipping ones. If you are looking for additional feedback from customers or doing some marketing research, forms can be very useful when used sparingly.

Wix Site Booster

Why not rank higher in search results all the while this app helps you set up your business location, contact details, and opening hours. The App helps you get listed in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines - even if you have just a flat-free website, this is worth considering.

Web Stat

Another metrics-based App to assist you to measure your success and where to improve. This App helps you see where your clients are interacting with your website and will assist you with your marketing funnel, and will assist in your conversion. It also has a "visitors counter" so you can see how your marketing is performing in getting visitors on your Wix online store.


An easy to create relevant content on your online store, as well as reduce support inquiries on basic questions, this is a useful tool. Reduce your emails and work more efficiently by anticipating your customer's questions, and make it easier to search out the answers.


While there are more apps available, these top 10 are the must-haves for an eCommerce store in Wix, while it is structured a bit like its competitor of WordPress and WooCommerce, Wix is the cloud version of its counterpart. All Apps are digital downloads to your account, so there is nothing to bring down to your PC, and then unpack/upload to your project. It is important to note that implementing these tools might require a bit of technical knowledge when it comes to adding some lines of code to a page where most store owners can be comfortable with the idea if it isn't your fun factor to play around in the tech world, feel free to consult a Wix expert here at

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