The value of Shopify Product Reviews Apps

The value of Shopify Product Reviews Apps

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When you value your customer service, your brand, and product performance and feel strongly in sharing your customer experience with your potential customers, a Reviews App sourced from your Shopify App Store is your first stop to check out. Reviews are posted in various ways, some on Google, Yelp, Yotpo, Trustpilot, and others - but having your very own on-site Reviews you can collect and work with can really help in conversions. We'll discuss the merits and how it is best to navigate reviews for your Shopify store.

On-site vs. Off-site reviews

Managing reviews is a tough job - especially when making tough decisions when things go wrong. However, when things go right, the backing of your customers to evangelize your products and services truly spreads the word. Customer satisfaction is a very important aspect of the reputation of the business, its support, and after-sales follow-up. With Social Media to amplify anything that has been said, it makes the matter even more important to pay attention to. With off-site reviews, you have less control over the post given that any review posted is a public viewing, to which you can respond but cannot remove from being public. On-site reviews are advantageous since you can filter and post and review the content and decide which ones should be made public on your online store.

Top 3 On-site Shopify Apps for reviews

There is a good 20+ Reviews Apps in the Shopify App store, based on capability, reasonable monthly cost, and overall delivery in adding commercial value to the reviews, here are our top 3 picks. Starting with the simpler featured to the more complex - all with thousands of reviews each averaging 4.9 or better out of 5.

  • Loox - - A fully responsive, simple, and easy to apply for a "Photo Review" App (Photo submitted with client comments) is one of the best rated Shopify Product Reviews Apps, allowing clients to "show and tell"

  • Ali Reviews - - Another great "Photo Review" App, which tallies up the average for the product nicely. It ties Photo-based reviews with discount incentives which then entices returning customers. Choices of displaying reviews at various levels of the site and even interfacing with Google Shopping Ads. A very highly rated App.

  • Yotpo - - This is an excellent Photo review App that includes video and integrates with social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Google). This highly rated App delivers where it counts at the Home Page, Product Page, all the way to the Checkout. This with 24/7 Email/Chat support to ensure that the tool works for your eCommerce website.

Combining Apps

When combining Photo Reviews with customer loyalty programs your customer base is enticed to return to the online store to see what promotions you might have. This impacts brand awareness and as they tell their friends, augments your audience organically. The user-generated content (UGC) feeds your SEO which also boosts you in the Google Search Console ratings. Adding Facebook Messenger App and interacting with customers to encourage them to add a review will also boost your reviews for the great customer service you provide. Building that trust, offering rewards with clients will boost conversion which in turn will feed your Shopify product reviews.

Business Model Dependent

Product reviews are sensitive to the type of business you are, and how you go about sales of products or services. If it is consumable, to encourage repeat purchases you have to reward customers for their recurring purchases. The App Ali Reviews would most likely suit best since it encourages incentives for posting a review, and then returning with a discount. As for higher-priced goods, Yotpo allows the Social Proof features to do the propagation work of your social media marketing. Interacting with customers on their reviews on social media adds to the engagement and social networking for group purchases and club-based relationships. While Reviews are not as widespread in use on B2B online stores, reward programs are in place with free shipping with minimum purchases all of which can fetch good B2B reviews.


If you don't have a Shopify Product review App on your online store, it may be worth considering and getting the engagement. Raising the consumers' trust and helping them to convert is what's needed to boost sales, your SEO with user-generated content, and showing the brands' customer service at work. If you have the need to discuss the various Apps available, and which might work best for you - just reach out to us at

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