The 11 Best Social Media Apps on the Shopify Store

The 11 Best Social Media Apps on the Shopify Store

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Integrating your ecommerce store with your social networks is a surefire way to raise brand awareness, gain new customers and boost sales, and did we mention it’s cost-effective, too? To help you give it a go, we’ve picked out the 12 best social media apps available on the Shopify store. They’re all easy to integrate, simple to use and should bring you noticeable results fast.

1. SocialShopWave

SocialShopWave is a social commerce platform that provides a suite of social apps to help your business grow. These apps enable things like social logins, social sharing and live feeds of what’s happening in your store. It’s a great all-rounder that not only allows you to integrate the features you want, but offers ideas on a few you hadn’t even thought of.

Price: $59.00 a month, but it offers a 30 day free trial so you can find out if it’s worth it.

2. Social Autopilot

Social Autopilot allows you to put your ecommerce store’s tweets and Facebook posts on autopilot (just like it says on the tin). This handy app also posts custom messages every time a new product or blog post is added to your site, saving you time and making sure you never forget to tweet a new product again.

Price: Free

3. Beetailer – Social Commerce Platform

The Beetailer Social Commerce Platform helps you integrate your existing stores with Facebook and other social networks. This means you can run promotions both in Shopify and on social media without having to write any code.

Price: Free

4. Shopify Facebook Store

The Shopify Facebook Store lets you sell products on Facebook, helping you reach more customers and drive traffic to your store. It’s quick and easy to set up (it can be done directly through your Shopify admin) and it’s customisable, too.

Price: Free

5. Beetailer Social Widget

This useful widget lets you add all of the social media buttons that you need to your product pages so that your customers can comment on, share and tweet them. What’s more, you’ll receive notifications when any comments are made so that you can improve your customer service.

Price: Free

6. Kudobuzz Testimonials and Reviews

We like Kudobuzz. It allows you to collect reviews and testimonials from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ then display them on your store. You already know how important social proof is, well, Kudobuzz gives you a simple way to put it to work!

Price: Free

7. Social Login

We’re always talking about barriers to conversion (you may have seen our recent blog post), well this app helps you smash one. It enables your Shopify store users to register and login using their social logins so they don’t have to worry about setting up an account.

Price: $9.00 / month

8. Checkout Boost

According to Checkout Boost, 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchases. They take advantage of this nifty fact by introducing an app that encourages customers to tweet, share or comment on the products they’ve bought in return for free gifts, free shipping or discount. A great way to gain repeat business and bring in new customers.

Price: Free

9. TagTray on Shopify

TagTray on Shopify lets you showcase and moderate customer generated photos from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by embedding them in your store. You can either create general galleries or try out a more customized approach devoted to specific products. Your customers can even vote for their favourite photos – great for building engagement.

Price: $79.00 / month

10. Facebook Store – Easy Social Shop

Easy Social Shop allows you to start selling on Facebook in just 3 clicks. Your Facebook store can then be customised as you like it, and it will seamlessly update as you make changes to your Shopify store. There’s no technical knowledge required for this one, absolutely anyone can do it.

Price: Free

11. Contentplum

By bringing all of your social conversations back to your store, you can create a socially interactive and engaging experience for your customers. This one’s all about social proof again, but stands out by automatically displaying curated testimonials from your more loyal customers at various key conversion points.

Price: Free

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