Say halló: Genie launches Shopify store Geysir

Say halló: Genie launches Shopify store Geysir

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Our Shopify client ‘Geysir’

We recently took on the challenge of producing a new, international website for a high end Icelandic wool fashion store.

We are delighted to have just launched a new website for ‘Geysir’, an Icelandic wool store whose brand combines both beauty and utility. Icelandic wool is the key product. The history of the Icelandic wool itself is interwoven with the history of Iceland. It has kept Icelanders alive through the centuries coping with difficult and unpredictable weather. Geysir brings you warmth and beauty and a fantastic range of products to chose from. The website is now live and fully responsive across desktop, tablet and smart phone.

Here’s a little bit about what we did and how we did it.

Geysir asked us to carry out the development work on their new ecommerce store. They needed their store duplicated three times and set up specifically to cater for the different geographic markets they want to serve. They also requested that we use ‘Valitor’, an Icelandic payment provider that would need to be seamlessly integrated rather than redirecting off site. Doing this allowed the site administrator the ability to set the following variables; default store currency and language.

The website is now available in 4 different currencies including Icelandic, US dollars, euros and sterling (GBP) and in two languages, English and Icelandic.

Here is a diagram showing the overview how it works;

The website needed to be updated easily internally, with content added to the site being published in distinct sections of the website, tailored to the requirements of visitors.

The resulting website is built on Shopify and carries through the existing branding with an updated look and feel. Information is easy to find, organised logically and is also split according to the products in stock. With the new website having 4 separate stores, each store has its own domain, catering to its own market. As each store is unique, they contain their own reports, customers and orders which makes it easier for the client to review business engagement, sales, and performance in each market.

With the company based in Iceland and ourselves based in Cardiff, Wales, TheGenieLab still managed to maintain a healthy client relationship with Geysir. Hanna Gudlaugsdottir, Project Manager for Geysir who also worked closely with TheGenieLab team during the project said:

“Overall we found it easy to communicate with TheGenieLab. What I liked most was to have a delegated contact person who was constantly there for my comments and requests. I believe having a specified contact person within TheGenieLab, being responsible for the project, formed a great communication relationship that lasted throughout the project.”

The result, Geysir are very happy with the final outcome of the website. Hanna quoted:

“My favorite feature of the website is definitely the many options to view and look at each garment/ on sale on the website. Having the option to zoom in to a picture and look at from different scales/sizes and to read close details and care of each products definitely gives the website additional depth and moves the product closer to our customers mind.”

We’re delighted with the results but why not take a look yourself.

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