Shopify Plus for Black Friday Sales

Shopify Plus for Black Friday Sales

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While we have compared the Shopify Plus plan with lower plans, and competitive platforms like BigCommerce Enterprise, having a look at how it performs after the recent Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021, there are some concluding thoughts on how an online store delivers to the business. This eCommerce platform has some key competitive advantages that execute in the marketing cycles with discount codes making your Shopify Store excel even in uncertain times in our current economy.

Shopify Plus during Black Friday 2021

One of our clients using this plan covering 6 English-speaking countries was preparing for the big event. Promotional pages, discount codes are being sent to each region, all the way down to a pre-sale discount to alleviate the surge in orders expected. The preparedness affecting 6 Shopify Plus stores, theme updates ranging from the home page, product pages, bundling accessories, and showing the discounts clearly in the drop-down basket all played a role in selling the products out.

Coupon Codes

With the speed of Shopify Plus, you get an advantage especially given that today a lot of shopping is done over smartphones. Payment processing needs to be fast as well. So when a promotional seasonal time of Black Friday 2021 comes along, the audience does not want to see a complicated hoop-jumping exercise to get what they want. From your advertising for the big day, your coupon code can automatically be inserted in the home page, or product page and when you add it to your basket the coupon code is automatically added, and it is reflecting the discount and its amount clearly in the basket and checkout. Making it is convenient for the audience is key, as well it boosts confidence in purchasing that the company is offering this discount without looking for some that can't find their coupon.

Shopify Flow

In Shopify Plus, customizing the checkout to be branded only helps customers to know that they are in the correct area for their credit card entries. eCommerce features are critical to simplify the transaction flow from product selection, basket checks to checkout, and get your confirmation email. The faster this process is, the faster the execution of sales - combined with Shopify Plus speed, expect to sell out.

Inventory Management

While not exclusive to Shopify Plus, being able to mitigate a Black Friday disaster of overselling and having a customer satisfaction backlash, managing your inventory is crucial to have in place. Not just on how many units you have on the shelf, but considering warranty claims/replacements or having some lost in transit. What seems to work out better is the pre-sale with a promotional incentive vs. the Black Friday sale has a spreading out of the sales-to-shipment process, giving the company time for operations to execute with less pressure. Fewer mistakes, better execution, happier customers.

Multiple Countries and Promo Codes

Black Friday is an international event, not just in the USA. Your eCommerce solution has to execute seamlessly in various currencies, and depending on your warehousing your logistics with localized shipping providers has to close out the sales cycle. When dealing with eCommerce websites, managing a promo code on a single site is easy enough, managing multiple ones in various time zones does require you to manage your Countdown Timers and change the themes back to the normal price (promotion ended). This affects themes and apps changing back post-sale in every country store and must be managed correctly. Additionally, allowing some transactions to finish processing in which the promo code is being applied needs consideration (Theme changes at the end-of-sale but allowing a minimum of time to pass to then turn off the promo code).

Customer Satisfaction

When customers get their product they share their excitement over social media. Given the nature of physical products, Facebook and Instagram are the key platforms. This re-enforces to the target audience the execution of the company, and their support in getting the product in a timely fashion. Anything from an open-box experience, usage of the product, on instructional content will emerge out of the Black Friday sales which continue to promote the product and the company.


If you plan to successfully run a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in multiple countries, you will need speed, easy steps through checkout, and strong management/operations to execute for the customer. Planning and preparing for the big weekend is important, understanding how to spread out the operational load with a pre-sale promotion can increase overall sales as well as boost social media chatter driving excitement within the audience to purchase. Shopify Plus delivers when keeping things simple, clear in how the promo code is applied and transacting. With this in mind, Shopify Plus is instrumental to the success of a Black Friday sale, satisfying both the customers and the business.

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