Integrations with Shopify Plus for your eCommerce business

Integrations with Shopify Plus for your eCommerce business

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It used to be that you would have your very own server, defined operating systems, your own codebase, and developers to provide a custom and specific experience to your customers. Today, with Shopify's cloud-based environment that has been given an API for Shopify Plus to integrate with. With Shopify Plus capabilities which are both expanded in its API abilities, with the addition of Shopify Plus Scripts, the limits are increased in throughput and processing, making integrations real-time.

Business Models and Architectures

If you are starting a business or have a well-established business, your business model will end up with a data, commerce, and inventory architecture to support your online store. You might have a hybrid cloud architecture where Shopify plus' API is a critical component, and you require to track your inventory or need to connect to your 3PL partner. Overall, the various ways you can tie in your eCommerce store to your partners will vary, but what remains is what are the integrations you will need to make your online business operate efficiently.

Custom Inventory Management Systems

When considering the various systems that will consolidate your various channels to track your goods, reviewing inventory management techniques, processes and monitoring is a critical component to ensure a good customer experience. Inventory management is not just to monitor inventory levels, but to monitor trends of depletion, have alerts on replenishment or order raw materials to produce finished products. This does not mean that you just connect to an ERP and call it a day - it means you must have a solid process and architecture that will support your business plan.

Inventory Management Software can be defined as an integration, where the Shopify Custom App or Shopify Private App will do the work required to manage, have triggers and reports on the operation that you require to monitor your amount of inventory. Having a requirements document that specifies the workflows, customer experience, and back-end administration can be handled by a Shopify Expert developer to define an integrated solution to your eCommerce store.

Digital Marketing made simple

On the other side of the spectrum, digital marketing is now a lot more complex than the old days of just a banner advertisement on some relevant page. You have a prism of choices and have all the scalability and flexibility to place advertisements of your finished goods directly to product pages without losing out on the metrics to measure their success. However, with these tools, there are areas where advertising agencies have their own infrastructure to which you would need to connect - an integration that would pass the effectiveness of their efforts for review.

Innovation and business ideas

When exploring branching out to a new product line, a new service, Shopify Plus gives you unlimited sandboxes to explore how you might operate this new venture. While it is useful to try out different tools to support a business venture, the ability to have a programmer innovate a new and exciting experience, process, or data-mining for operational efficiencies is critical for business growth. Shopify Plus gives you the space to play, but you also need a Shopify Expert to use their knowledge on applying your business ideas into workflows, and code.


With today's Software as a service SAAS, software development does not need to be a huge investment up-front. Shopify Experts and Shopify Developers are all invested in driving innovation, and business solutions. If you would like to explore what you might need to venture out and explore your business ideas or migrate to a platform that does give us a shout. Reach out to us via email at or our Contact Us form - we would love to consult with you.

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