Shopify Plus and the Klaviyo App

Shopify Plus and the Klaviyo App

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Integral to any marketing campaign is how your message is received and how you get your voice out. When operating a Shopify Plus store, a formulated digital marketing strategy is usually created on how to approach your market penetration, as well as finding new ways to get your audience to engage and share their experiences over social media. When driving events and promotions, Email marketing is a key tool in driving your audience to your commercial proposition. Here we will cover some of the key features Klaviyo offers within the Shopify Plus environment.

Richer Segmentation of your Subscribers

Klaviyo and Shopify Plus are a combination that brings together two key elements. Your Shopify Plus store soaks up the interest by taking in the subscribers, and what Klaviyo does with them is follow their user flow and segment them so you can target them when it comes to messaging. These segments take the form of "Back in Stock", "VIP customer", "Churn Risk", "Potential Customer" and other customer profiles - which then will allow you to formulate a message with the right profile and intention for a particular goal for that category of audience. Your online store sees all types of visitors - showing their behavior and classifying their experience is very powerful.

Key Klaviyo Features in your Shopify Plus App

  • Order Analytics - Klaviyo will analyze all historical order data to formulate the profiles of your customers. This will then bring about the segmentation of your customers.

  • Product Data enrichment - Automatically synchronizing your product attributes at checkout, catalog records, and order events.

  • Dynamic Coupons - have the ability to personalize a discount coupon to an individual person or group.

  • Back-in-stock alerts - when you are out of stock, customers can sign up by submitting their email address to be alerted on when the item is back in stock - so when the available item is ready to be sold, they get an email alert.

  • Personalized Product Recommendations - Based on the customer's purchase history, Klaviyo will correlate the items from your Shopify Plus purchases and recommend correlated products based on the store's overall order history (Others also purchased).

  • Pre-built Flow templates - This allows you to leverage the best practices of Shopify Plus automation and email templates to get started quickly and to give you a feel of how to engage and operate quickly within Klaviyo.

  • Codeless Sign-up forms - Easy to add to a page or product, giving you the ability to capture Emails for all types of categories and interests.

  • Customer level predictions - With the analysis of customer purchase history, predicting their patterns and interests, you can profile their return, churn rate, and basket value.

Personalized Automations

Being able to control the volume of messages, designing them to fit the right profile, and getting them sent in a timely manner around your seasonal events and promotion can be a tall task to stay on top of. Setting triggers to sending these Email templates or SMS messaging to bring these users back to your Shopify store is a key feature that takes marketing automation to the next level - all this within the Klaviyo Shopify App.

Klaviyo Integrations

Klaviyo has created an App for several eCommerce platforms and can be reached with the App store of the respective platform in the form of an App (Shopify, BigCommerce), Extension (Magento), Plugin (WordPress), and other appropriate eCommerce environments/Web hosting. The capabilities extended to the Small Business space to grow your business and keep pushing the boundaries of your messaging are within reach. Klaviyo has over 70 integrations with various platforms, additionally, it has an open API to extend, alter, or combine with additional business requirements that you might have.

Predictive analysis and Lifetime Engagement

With your online store integrated with Klaviyo, the predictability of a returning client is now part of your marketing tools. Selling products at regular intervals by monitoring and digitizing the loyalty by taking in the user behavior on the site. This is measured by the Customer Lifetime Value, it is a risk-based measure as it maps the users browsing and purchasing behaviors. This allows you to time your message to the less certain or committed visitors with a greater enticement to make them convert to your Shopify Plus store.

Multiple Shopify Plus store functionality

That's right - when you have multiple regions or countries to do your digital marketing, Klaviyo is enabled on all your stores as a Shopify Plus level license. With Payment processors set to other currencies, keeping your eCommerce functionality and number of products such that they are easy to navigate from one Shopify Plus account to the other, then your job gets to be a lot easier. Coordinating your marketing campaigns on several accounts can be a big task, but thanks to the Automation features, they are a lot more manageable.


Ranging from physical to digital products, this eCommerce software can be essential and is available in your Shopify app store. Klaviyo and Shopify together add eCommerce features for your marketing and messaging that no other platforms can offer. If you are running a Shopify Plus store, it is definitely a Shopify Plus App to explore and worth giving it a try. If you have any questions on its use and integration, feel free to reach out to us at

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