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Shopify Features - how to add a Buy Button in 3 steps
You can add a Shopify Buy button, and eCommerce features, and have all the flexibility between other websites, social media, and your very own online store with three common steps in achieving the results. While you may have a Shopify Store, and even have a brick-and-mortar location with a Shopify POS, collecting your online traffic through a Buy Button on various locations, and adding Shopify features through the Shopify App Store just takes a Shopify Login, browse and find what you are looking for. There is Shopify Support that can assist, and if you need further assistance or advice, Shopify Experts are also at your disposal.

Add Buy Button pointing to your Shopify Store

Perform a Shopify Login in to your administration panel, and under Sales Channel (on the left side of the menu), if you see the BUY button, then it's already present, and can move on to the next step. There are two methods to add the Shopify Buy Button - desktop and mobile.

Desktop Buy Button

Go to the Buy Button Sales Channel page in the Shopify Admin, Click "Add App" and then add Sales Channel on the next screen - when the page refreshes, you would spot the Buy Button on the left. Be sure to pin the channel for easy reach when you need to revisit the But button.

Mobile Buy Button

Go and enter your Shopify Login details from your mobile phone, and then click on Store from the bottom menu. Look at the Sales Channels and select the "Add Channel" (iPhone) or the "+" on Android. Select the Buy Button and then "Add Buy Button" for it to take effect.

Create a Buy Button

When you have the Sales Channel created for your Buy Button, you are now ready to set up your Buy Button Shopify feature. Navigate to your button page by clicking on the pinned "Buy Button" on your navigation under Sales Channels. Alternatively, you can get there by Settings => Apps and Sales Channels => Buy Button - then click "Create Buy Button". This can apply to a single product or a collection of products. In the next step, you will be asked about your options - select your options, then select the product or collection to which your Buy Button will point to. Ensure that the checkbox is filled out, and then hit "select". You will be then taken to the Buy Button editor, and now you can customize your Buy Button with the left-side menu, where you have various options to give it the right look and feel. On the right, your Buy Button preview will display for you to see what your changes look like - this is dynamic as you make changes.
At the top of the Buy Button editor, you can toggle between desktop and mobile to preview the button in both formats. When you save your settings, it will not change previously configured and created Buy Buttons. This is a one-time edit - or you will have to remove it and start over again. Get with your web designer on colors and fonts before you end the editing step to ensure it is the right look and feel for you to save by clicking the "Next" button at the top right corner.

Adding the Buy Button embedded code

When that "Next" button is pressed, your embed code will be generated for you to copy and paste. Click on "Copy Code" for you to insert it into your website, or provide it to a web developer for it to be added to a website. You can add this embed code on any page - your very own Shopify store pages, or another website altogether in the HTML section. This will add a Buy Button at the appropriate location, where you can format it left aligned or right aligned for the right presentation. The appearance of the Buy Button may vary on the website builder, eCommerce platform you are working with, or the shopping experience you are looking to provide.

Adding additional Shopify features

There are hundreds of Shopify features within the Shopify App store, and depending on your Shopify plan, you also have incremental features available to you. When you start an online store, you should have a general definition of what your sales funnel and business model are going to require, and your eCommerce store will be populated with features such as "product recommendations" or custom features or payment methods that are supportive of your strategy. Conversion features such as abandoned cart reminders are important Shopify features to consider. Just keep in mind, that your eCommerce website has to have a strong marketing funnel in which the onsite features can take a Buy Button customer to be converted into a buyer.


Whether you are selling in person with a Shopify POS, extending your business visibility and brand awareness online is crucial. Given that Shopify enables a wide variety of payment gateways, a solid POS software for in-shop purchases, and a cash drawer, combining your sales gives a hybrid activity. A digital marketing one, and a store clerk experience. Shopify offers a variety of built-in features, all worth exploring such as Shopify Email, Blogs, and many other sales-orientated features with the addition of Shopify's App Store, you can complete your Shopify features to your hearts' desire. If you need assistance or advice on how to set this channel, feel free to reach out to us at

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