Do Shopify Reviews help you with your eCommerce platform choice?

Do Shopify Reviews help you with your eCommerce platform choice?

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It has become a socially accepted norm to go through the content that others have commented on the products and services that people experience - however, it has been found that at times they can be misleading. With people losing objectivity over what would be considered "fair" in the assessment and commentary, it requires a large number of diverse opinions to get a more fair view on how to perceive the product or service. So when it comes to the Shopify Reviews, how do they really help to assess the platform, and how it can serve your business.

What do the Shopify Reviews look like?

Here is a great example of how customers using Shopify have voiced their opinion on this platform, 1215 reviewers with an average of 1.6/5 stars. If there are over a million businesses around the world using Shopify as a platform, the score could be better?

How to spot Fake reviews

There are other platforms that offer reviews such as Feefo, yet these are moving targets when it comes to getting objective commentary. Then again, with social media, you can create a flash crowd like with Twitter, and come onto a platform and enter positive or negative reviews. When it comes to Shopify reviews, they seem to be the usual business types that expect something more than what is being delivered like free support and assistance in putting up a store.

Fake reviews need to be answered and show fairness in the treatment and how the product or service was delivered, and if the individual is being unreasonable. It does set the expectation of emotional extortion to put down a business on a perceived failure, yet, you are using a review as a way to get more from the arrangement that was initially agreed upon.

Shopify's reviews on Trustpilot - what are the key causes of bad reviews

Many reviews are entered when an emotional response is triggered and a failure to get the assistance or cooperation needed to make progress for your business goals. In many instances, it is Shopify Support that is absolutely failing in various areas of communication and getting the right answer for the specifics required. Shopify has a knowledge base that is extensive, it has Shopify Partners with Shopify Experts, and a Help system to chat with a support person, yet the ratings are terrible. Is that a fair reflection of Shopify Support?

When adopting a platform, the resources you put towards the development of your store are also proportional to the assistance you are placing in setting up your store correctly and having the knowledge available to set it up the way you want. Shopify advertises an easy store build, adds your product pages quickly, adopts a Shopify Theme, selects your payment processor, and off you go. Sure, there is some search engine optimization (SEO) to align with keyword research, but that all seems straightforward - what happens then is that store owners start their 14-day free trial and uncover things that aren't intuitive to them.

The focus of "it doesn't do what I want!"

Here is the rub that gets created between expectations and the reality of the online store. Business owners have by natural selection the desire to lead and endeavor forward, and expect to have solutions to adhere to their idea of the customer journey, and business model that they believe will deliver the best experience and drive their sales. Shopify Plans would include having abandoned cart recovery, social networks integrated, an intelligent inventory management system, and many other features.

This is because a lot of the competition is using Shopify with many features. So when you set up your store, the onslaught of all these Shopify Apps have to come together to fulfill your vision of a Dream Shopify Store, but not all the Shopify Apps play well with one another and that will leave the store owner with the impression that the architecture, the platform has shortcomings and will go to support which will not have the right answer. You are then left with an "it isn't what you wanted" feeling, and business impacting frustration.

Shopify Plans, features, and Shopify Apps

When you think about it - for $29.99 you get a lot of value in operating a Shopify store such as having email marketing included, a POS system integrated, and a PCI-compliant shopping cart that you do not have to do audits on. When you think about it, you do get a lot of functionality at the baseline - it is the competitive marketplace that is raising the bar and pushing your business to have additional tools for higher engagement with your finished goods. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, the point of sale system is seamless and really works well, and will process payments and gift cards without a hitch. Most of the challenge is on the online store side, most of which is before you get to the payment gateway. In all fairness, the disconnect is not just a supply-demand issue between a Software As A Service (SAAS) provider and the business owner/store-owner - but more generated by a 3rd-party, the competition.

Are Shopify reviews helpful?

It would be hard to assess that reviews are fair and helpful when it comes to eCommerce platforms like Shopify. When you also evaluate each reviewer's history of providing feedback you will find that there could be a long trail of complaints (serial complainer) as the new trend of victimhood is a way to gain additional visibility and compensation. Here is an example of a recent Shopify review from an individual:

This Justin individual is ready to take an issue with a legal counsel when in fact the feature was within the store's parameters. When you read the various reviews Justin entered, all of them are negative in nature. Could this be a coincidence? Or is Justin a serial complainer? Or is Justin having a lot of bad luck with many service providers? However, it illustrates the types of personalities that engage with these tools.


Shopify Reviews don't seem to be a fair reflection of the power that Shopify delivers - not just in its architecture, the features, and the Shopify Apps that are available. Sure, there could be better-trained Support staff, and be available 24/7 with short waiting times for all merchants. However, this is why there are Shopify Partners and Shopify Experts to assist. We are one of the Shopify Experts, and we have assisted many merchants with their online store - feel free to enquire at

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