Digital Marketing for your Shopify Store

Digital Marketing for your Shopify Store

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In this article, we will cover the tactical side of your digital marketing strategy that will also incorporate your social media platforms, search engine optimization, and inbound marketing. Coverage of content marketing and your various digital channels will also take your products and services to reach your audience.

Previously we have covered areas such as building and launching your Shopify Store, and this would be the next checklist once you are done with Website Design and configuring your shopping cart to process credit cards. Configuring your home page, your online store with Shopify SEO tools to be in tune to be searched, product description pages with page titles that fit the search criteria of your audience with title tags and alt text that are predefined are all part of the learning curve.

Preparing your Online Store:

Launching your Online Store:

Your content marketing strategy for your home page, product pages, video content, and social media content all add up to structured data that flag down your target audience to your store. Just putting a piece of content on a page will not necessarily be in tune with the search result keywords - the same happens in the social network search algorithms. There are Shopify Apps that can enhance your SEO which provides tools to audit your online store for your content marketing to how your structured your content.

Connecting your store to Google Analytics and Google Search Console

While this may seem basic, most of the marketing campaigns and content marketing efforts will reflect in your traffic to which you will want to monitor your metrics. Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing will both reflect how you are performing within these tools.

Adding your Shopify Store to Google Analytics:

Submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console:

Do note that the Google bots will monitor and crawl your Shopify Store, and capture the content marketing keywords associated with your content and SEO.

Making your Shopify Store SEO friendly

While this can be a whole topic in its own right, due diligence by the Graphic Designers, Website developers, and Shopify Experts will ensure that your eCommerce store is SEO friendly. From having an easy to crawl structure that Shopify already provides and gives you a good sitemap, to Meta Tags being the well-defined reduction of duplicate page and content, and a good experience that internet users will enjoy. Web design is a lot more than just implementing the brand through the color palette and focusing on your online marketing - good solid SEO structuring is important for Google to see that due care was delivered when you launched the site. SEO Audits are available to ensure that your Shopify Store meets that criteria on the various checks.

Connecting your Shopify Store to popular social media platforms

Taking Facebook and Instagram as an example, using their connections such as Messenger to help clients with their questions and support, and using the Instagram feed to show your audience what customers get up to with your products and services are the norm these days. Digital media is all the rage, where everyone with a smartphone creates content contributing to your success and brand. This dynamic content is important to capture as it builds your presence and your Shopify Store can display and connect to the various types of social media for your audience to consume.

Content Marketing in your Shopify Store

Outside of Advertising, content marketing builds upon your authority given that 91% of internet users do a google search to find what they are looking for when it comes to products and services. Your content must capture the right keywords, be promoted with relevant sites that will have similar interests in product categories or services that your Shopify store offers. Your content can be adjusted, added to, and managed via Blogs, Vlogs, landing pages, and site pages all the way down to snippets. This is a continuous effort in building your presence online and works in parallel to your digital advertising.

Email marketing with Shopify

You can pull up your Mailchimp account and tie it to your Shopify Store, or use the integrated Shopify Mail system they have built and take your Blogs/News and brand to your audience directly.

Paid Advertising and Paid Social Ads

You have a lot of choices in paid advertising, from social media platforms to the type of Google Ads you feel like targeting your audience with. Given that a lot is based on demographics, audience profiling and keywords chose wisely to ensure conversion occurs within budget. There is nothing worse than going too wide and not be targeted in your advertising.


With your Shopify store connecting to other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. is no longer a massive technical headache. You will have to keep in mind that whatever channel you are adding, tracking orders and inventory is a must. Your products and services can spread across the marketplaces which also increases your searchability and presence on the web driving up your brand awareness. Sharing your information in various places gets your audience a choice on where to shop if they are eBay buyers or Amazon prime subscribers. Payment methods also can vary a little, and that makes it even better for the customer.

Conversion in your Shopify Store

Last but not least, ensuring your marketing funnel is well refined would have been part of your Shopify Store build, checking that you have the proper apps integrated and assisting customers to make their choice, and be enticed to transact. Loyalty points, Customer Experience items such as chat, and shipping updates are all expected nowadays. Keep the experience simple, but yet effective, and if they have questions, offer an easy way to get them the answer.


It can be handy to have a checklist to ensure you have covered all your bases when it comes to a post-launch of a Shopify Store. However, keep in mind that if you feel a bit lost, or need something explained in greater detail, TheGenieLab is here to help - just send us a message at and we will be happy to assist.

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