Best 3 Converting Shopify Themes for 2019

Best 3 Converting Shopify Themes for 2019

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Conversion is key for your Marketing Funnel to operate and take the client through the last crucial phase of purchasing and the key enabler for clients to put their products into their baskets and transact, is the theme chosen.

All themes are not created equally – most free themes are basic, while the paid themes incorporate features that enable best-in-class usability. Additionally, the conversion-focused themes incorporate third-party apps, which you would have downloaded and had to integrate into the theme separately – but this is done already for you.

Your eCommerce website has to funnel your audience from search engines, social media platforms, email marketing, Google searches (alternative search engines included) to your home page where your graphic design is attractive and high quality. Your online store has to stand out, since it is your primary marketing tool, and your website design will greatly depend on the Shopify Theme that's used.

Shopify offers thousands of themes, we bring you 3 key conversion themes that are considered best in class for the type of merchandise being offered.

eCom Turbo – Price: From $97

This Franklin Hatchett’s theme was built from the ground up all the while has integrated 12 third party apps into the theme saving you time and effort for you to focus on using the store, and not integration issues. Key features of the theme is a full custom homepage, conversion booster is incorporated with incredibly fast loading speeds (excellent for mobile browsing).

Another important feature is the eCom course and support you get when you get the theme, so as to fully take advantage of all the features of this theme. The top key built-in conversion apps/features are as follows:

  • Email Collector

  • Scarcity Timer

  • Cash boosting upsell

  • Custom clean footer

  • Clean call to action

  • Urgency sales ticker

  • Crispy Instagram Profits

  • Easy Trust Badges

  • Profit boosting cart buttons

  • Customize the home page

eCom Turbo is currently priced at $97 for a single store, through to $147 for unlimited licenses if you manage multiple stores. This one-time fee keeps your costs managed, and will probably save you time and resources if you were to take on the same collection of features/apps and adding them to an existing theme, or new discrete theme.

Booster Theme – Price: From $179

Launched in June 2018 as version 2.0 and boasting at over 9127+ Shopify stores using this theme shows its success in the marketplace as well as delivering to the stores on their conversion and financial goals. It is built very similarly to the eCom Theme with a slight variation on its features/integrated-apps. The ten integrated apps can be enabled/disabled at the installation by selecting the ones you would require.

Aside from the amazing and smooth theme that performs exceptionally on mobile devices as well as desktop screens, the following are the key features/apps that come with this package:

  • Social Proof Sales notifications

  • Product Upsell pop-up

  • Collection Cross-Sell

  • Theme Updater app included

  • Related Product

  • Smart Mega Menu

  • Promotion Timer Countdown

This theme can be procured as a single license starting at $179, 2 licenses for $297 or 5 licenses at $497

Konversion Theme: Price From $197

Being a very popular dropship theme that has stunning looks and performs well for your marketing. The main focus on this theme is its Mobile responsiveness where it executes on your various phone platforms and sizes like or better than the bigger stores out there. The customizing is a key feature so to adapt to your needs for your brand.

Key features of this theme include the announcement bar that has CTA buttons, the ability to customize your checkout, adding trust badges to your pop-up cart, shipping rate displays with all fonts/colors/images to be edited/added/removed at your disposal. In other words, you can customize the conversion of your funnel to your exact experience within the theme.

Additional custom features are in-line with the eCom Turbo with a currency switcher, page builder, countdown timer, deal of the day, newsletter/announcements/upsell pop-ups, and integration with Uploadery (which allows clients to upload files/images with their orders).

This theme includes integrations of additional apps that have been created by the same authors that can be purchased as premium apps through the marketplace:

  • Automatic Discount

  • Ultimate Upsell

  • Milestones

  • Warden

  • Carter

  • Motivus applications


Your eCommerce business Is more than Web Design and a Shopping Cart at the mercy of search terms deemed important by Google. Your eCommerce store is at the center of your social media marketing, where social networks are tied into your online business. Being adaptive to different types of social media gives your Shopify Theme longevity and flexibility for downstream changes.

In keeping with the idea that you must have a good funnel for your marketing for clients to be converted as a shopper, some investment in an integrated theme must be considered to not only have the look/feel for the theme but have a theme with the right tool-set to be integrated into the theme. This, of course, does carry some cost, but it will definitely be a worthwhile investment for your store to have in promoting and incentifying your clients to your confirmation page.

Additional information can be found at Top 10 Free Shopify Themes for 2021

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