Top 10 Free Shopify Themes for 2021

Top 10 Free Shopify Themes for 2021

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With Shopify growing and outpacing the competition as the first choice of setting up an online store, it is no surprise that these store owners might start out exploring various Free Shopify Themes and see how their offerings will present themselves to their audience.

Today, a Shopify Theme is a marketing tool, it has to have SEO built in for search engines to seek out your organic keywords. Your eCommerce website it more than a shopping cart, the web design incorporates social media and can integrate with selling tools from the Shopify App store.

Below are the top 10 picks in Free Shopify Themes, with a basic description of what their design intent is and to which industry it delivers to. These are feature-rich themes, mobile responsive, and are what would be considered best-practice in the industry to review and aspire to.

SectionHub by Azexo

This theme is compatible with “Azexo Page Builder” which allows you to expand as your business grows and adapts to your audience since this theme was built with the same tool. Many satisfied and vocal users have provided strong support via their reviews/testimonials and it is definitely one to check out.

Constance by Apollo


A great responsive theme aimed for beauty and cosmetic products that has great performance and amazing features such as their Mega Menu. Their Blog Space is also included in the Theme for you to bring out additional content and news for your offerings.

SuitUP by Templatemonster

Templatemonster offers a free theme aimed at the fashion industry, and if you really feel like taking the easy store set up to build you can opt to take on their business kits to bring your store to life (Paid services). Intuitive navigation, categories, and easy search features make this theme fit for your fashion offerings.

Talia by Athemes

For a minimalist-design, where you might have boutique-type offerings, and you are looking for low complexity, clean look, and want to accentuate your branding, this theme might be for you.

AP Wood by Apollo

In today’s shopping habits, finding the right furniture style and design takes on an online trip, where online shoppers let their fingers do the walking. For Furniture where specifications are important, as well as visuals on all sides, this theme is designed for this level of business. Easy 1-click installation and you are up and running.

Express Bistro or Express Pantry by Shopify

Make your audience salivate over your goods with these two gourmet themes. Being to highlight the culinary space with both a visual and descriptive mobile responsive theme makes your recipes stand out.

AP Mixmart by Apollo

Another Apollo theme aimed for the Arts & Crafts space, it is rich with mobile responsive functionality and delivers a modern design. If you are looking for an elegant presentation, with visual cues and appeal to your audience, it is worth looking this theme over.

Classygift by Templatemonster

A responsive Gift Shop ready to deliver and present your unique and appealing items. Fully responsive, multilingual, and multicurrency theme packs a lot of features in this Free theme.

Venture Outdoors, Venture Snowboards, and Venture Boxing by Shopify

Active sportswear, outdoor adventures, and gear are best highlighted with these free Themes provided by Shopify. Large catalogs are handled with simplicity, promotional features are built-in, and have many needed commercial features for your goods.

Coffeera by Templatemonster

With Coffee in the center of today’s lifestyle, highlighting your best brew takes the right theme for you to drive your flavors and aromas to your clients. Check out this theme for a clean and simple delivery.

Spare Parts by Templatemonster

This theme is aimed at a complex product hierarchy, easy searching features, and an amazing Mega Menu to work with. Car & Motorcycle Parts, Auto Accessories fit easily with this fully featured mobile responsive theme.

As your eCommerce business looks through the various Shopify Themes, look for high-quality graphic designs potential, integration to social networks need to be front of mind. In today's world, it is more than just Facebook/Instagram, but also LinkedIn and other types of social media. Your eCommerce store will encompass your web design, it is also shaped on social media platforms where search engines, search terms funnel your audience via Google searches (or other alternative search engines) to bring your online business alive.

If you need help choosing a theme, implementing your business online, or need guidance on what are the best steps in setting up your store, feel free to reach out to us at

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