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TheGenieLab SEO Miami

Located in Miami Florida, TheGenieLab offers a full digital marketing strategy for your organic content so that your business profile will see increased traffic and will have focused keywords for your offerings and brand. We provide a wide range of Online Web Services, eCommerce, and SEO strategies with Experts in every area of Web Development and Digital Marketing.

Our SEO Service covers everything you would expect from a marketing agency ranging from traditional marketing to digital content marketing. Our SEO strategies focus on driving organic traffic by optimizing your website, drive keyword content for search engines to index while being focused on your marketing plan's goals. This includes blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, web design, technical SEO, and optimizing your site.

Keyword Research and Strategy: We go through your competitors, your value proposition, digital media, and products and services to identify the Keywords that you are aiming for and how effective of a match it is for the searching audience to find you.

On-Page SEO: 

Ensuring that your website will have the best profile for Google Search to promote your content and keywords and bring the best of your online presence.

eCommerce SEO: 

At TheGenieLab we have all the eCommerce experience in various platforms in ensuring that your digital marketing strategy yields fruit in conversions and sales.

Content Writing: 

Between industry-leading articles, your competition, your Keywords, and Social Media sites generating content that builds up your profile are what we focus on. This requires digging into your industry, understanding the dynamics and bring interest, engaging your audience, and raising your domain profile and authority.

Online Marketing: 

Working with various systems and methodologies in propagating your content ranging from SEO work, link building, email marketing, Social Media posts, Ads, and Google Ads. 

TheGenieLab Commitment to results

Driving traffic is relative when it comes to the right audience. Generating traffic that is not relevant can easily be done, reaching your target audience takes skill and talent with a dedication to your business and ensuring your business model is delivering for your bottom line.

Friendly SEO Plans

We cater to all shapes and sizes when it comes to marketing needs, which is why our plans will range from a modest startup to a large business. It is our intent to allow for scalability in our marketing approach such that we adapt to growth and changing business strategies.

See our SEO Plans here.​

Feel free to enquire with our team by reaching out at for a no-obligation assessment of your site and a discussion on how we can work with you in delivering a successful marketing campaign.

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