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Online Store Marketing

Online Store Marketing

Your Online Store no matter on which platform it resides Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Wix, and other platforms requires that it is built and in tune with your audience, and their expectations. TheGenieLab’s marketing services focus on your business model, your partnerships, and your relationships to verify the cause and effect of the dynamics of your online store. With this in mind, taking on the strategy to have your site resonate and engage your audience is crucial for conversion, loyalty, referrals, and growth.

Digital Marketing takes a different flavor online when it comes to your online store whereas now Keywords and structured content make a difference in how you stand out from your competition. Other key components such as web design (UI - visual design), and user experience (UX) affect your online stores' customer experience when enticing them to load up their shopping cart. Having all the other tools in place, social media marketing, product reviews, email marketing, and live chat for better customer service can add up to bring confidence in your brand and products. Driving traffic requires marketing strategies to reach your audience and make them potential customers. How this is achieved takes a customer satisfaction approach with a digital marketing strategy that's broken down below.

Structured Content

Every page requires the content to be structured between titles, headers, and the content that covers those headings. This applies to your Home Page, Product Pages, Landing Pages, Blogs, and any other page that matters to your marketing and products/services.


Understanding your SEO, as well as the keywords used in your paid advertisements and how they relate competitively is crucial to successfully target your audience. A competitive analysis is very important to understand their traffic flows, and find opportunities to take on the keywords that cater to that audience.

Classic marketing principles

Marketing is ever-changing for competitive reasons, seasonal or growth are just a few reasons why. While classic might indicate not being innovative, missing the basics can be crippling to your business and wasteful to your Ad-spend.

Marketing funnel studies

  • 4Ps.

  • SWOT on products or market segment

  • Branding – Logo/Slogan/Value Proposition/Vision/Mission

  • D2C, B2B, Wholesaler, Retailer, Dropshipper, and other hybrid business models

  • Imagery/Videography

  • Supporting pages: FAQs, Q&As

Page Speed

While technically this is impactful for SEO, the user experience especially on mobile is important to take note. Page optimization is important when it comes to JaveScript loads, Image size vs. quality, and server/service rendering of the page (Cache services). Optimization takes on various techniques to get the speed you need.

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