What is the best eCommerce experience with Wix Apps?

What is the best eCommerce experience with Wix Apps?

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One could say that aside from a high-quality Wix website being put together the best part would be adding an eCommerce component to it, such as "eCommerce by POWR". Sure, that's the only eCommerce app that delivers the shopping cart experience - but what are the other Wix Apps that complement the online store experience for the audience to use their credit card? Let's explore what it takes in this article.

What you get with eCommerce by POWR

This Wix App converts your Wix website into an online store, and this is a large and impactful add-on to your Wix account. You are adding products, you have an online basket, and can transact in 25 different countries with a payment gateway. Yet there is a lot more to just picking a product and transacting it, you have to now look at your website as a marketing funnel, check your call-to-actions, drive your email marketing and subscribers, and see about your user experience (UX) and navigational flow, your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and tools for promotions such as a countdown timer for discounts.


4.2/5 stars rating

Wix eCommerce Themes

Wix Themes are organized in different eCommerce industry categories for an easier selection and targeted user experience design. Each variety can open up and show you the visual design layout - which gives you a starting point for your eCommerce theme in your particular industry. There you can find the call to action (CTA) Themes that deliver a higher engagement and drive the desired action to view the products. Extensive usability testing is done on these Wix Themes which are also tuned for marketing automation.


Wix Apps that are relevant outside of eCommerce based Apps

Wix is predominantly a flat cloud-based website, as an alternative to WordPress. You have a Web Portal to log in to, and you are provided with a Website Builder set of tools to create your pages. With this in mind, certain Wix Apps are useful based on your audience and their desired experience with your business. Tools like Wix Chat, Wix Bookings, Wix Forum, Site Search, and several more can be of help. Others like Photo & Video Gallery, and social media integrations start to add complexity to the site as it has additional dependencies off-site. Marketing tools to support your email marketing strategy to keep in touch with your subscribers also have their set of tools within Wix. However, none of these are dedicated eCommerce Wix Apps.

Wix complementary eCommerce Apps

In today's marketing funnels and call-to-action themes, the consciousness of the client journey is paramount to entice with promotional language and engagement for them to add a product into their basket and checkout. There are various tools such as "you might also like" suggested products, or "others have also bought" appended at the bottom of the product description. Product suggestions, especially if they are complimentary are a key feature to up-sell the clientele. Other tools such as a Countdown timer, or loyalty program are also available. Categories of Wix Apps that cover various sales and funnel tools:


When it comes to marketing tools, where you can improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for google searches, acquire email addresses to be subscribed to your announcements, or your email marketing tools of choice, see this marketing category:



Wix is a new platform, which brings an easy design element to layout a page for it to follow a user-centered design. It is by default a good SEO platform, for popular search engines to crawl and rank your keywords and place them in search results. The drawback is the choice of Wix Apps - unlike Shopify which has several dozens of the same category of App, Wix has a few but they are growing. Just like Shopify ten years ago, fresh and new, it took some time to mature. However, keep in mind that for every new generation of cloud-based eCommerce technology, there are some key evolutionary steps that are taken - making the platform enticing in management, design, user-friendly administration, and performance. If you would like to discuss this eCommerce platform, feel free to reach out to us at wish@thegenielab.com

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