The 13 Best Custom 404 Error Pages Ever

The 13 Best Custom 404 Error Pages Ever

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At TheGenieLab, we live and breathe great websites. And we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite so enjoyable as an awesome 404 error page.

Here are 13 of our absolute favourites:


Perfect for film geeks, IMDB’s 404 page refreshes with a different paraphrased film quote every time.

Romain Braisier

This French web developer shows off his skills by incorporating lemmings into a 404 page. Brilliant. You can play the game here.


With a brand as strong as Lego, it’s tough to do wrong and the iconic toy provider certainly hits the spot.


Any fans of the beautiful game will love Umbro’s football formation-themed 404 page.

Simple and brutally effective, this dating advert spoof by artist David Barton gets to the point.


Evoking its enviable legacy in a warm, slightly nostalgic way, the BBC’s 404 page features the clown synonymous with the channel in the glory days of the 60s, 70s and 80s.


Call us web nerds if you will, but we love the dry humour of the 404 page of the web design blog CSS tricks. However, it does lose points for not containing any links back to the homepage or other related pages.

The Huffington Post

Nothing quite encapsulates the frustration and emptiness inherent in finding a 404 page quite like some dejected-looking dogs.


The chocolate giant makes the most of its 404 page by allowing you to play a version of KitKat Pong against an Android competitor. You’re tempted to play aren’t you?


Canadian SEO agency Whitespark have created a 404 page with a difference – offering you the opportunity to either fire or not fire their hapless employee Brent. If you decide to spare him he’ll build an altar in your honour. Can’t say fairer than that.

The Rolling Stones

It’s pretty appropriate that one of the world’s most legendary bands have one of the internet’s most legendary 404 pages.

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