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Shopify Shop - the convenient way for shoppers to buy their favorite brands
Shopify Shop

Shopify Shop is a shopping assistant packaged as an App for merchants to add to their eCommerce store for transacting and tracking customer orders - formerly known as Shopify Pay. This makes it convenient for customers while it provides merchants a way to have a more personal touch to their online store so that audiences can checkout and get their goods with a good experience.

Converting customers with Shopify Shop

It has been surveyed that 25% of customers have abandoned their carts due to a cumbersome checkout process being too long or complicated. Shop Pay being the backbone offers a fast and easy checkout experience that alleviates cart abandonment and raises your conversions. Shop pay has shown up to 18% in conversions with the enablement of Shopify Shop added to their online store. There are no changes to your storefront, nothing to your theme, or even the setup of your eCommerce admin configuration other than just adding this App. Once it is added and activated, your customers will experience a super fast checkout, and Shop Pay allows for the payment details to be saved onto their devices for future purchases where Shop Pay is enabled. Product recommendations based on historical purchases with your brand will be brought to the users' attention, helping with the re-marketing of your stores' products which will bring back customers faster and drive increased revenue.

With the increased cost of marketing and advertising, re-marketing becomes a key component to bring back shoppers to the site as their purchasing threshold from previously good experiences allows them to buy more products from you. The profitability in re-marketing being much higher allows businesses to capitalize on this feature by bringing them back to the Shopify Shop website and App. This is done through push notifications on your smartphone, allowing you to grow your business. The Shopify Shop channel is a communication medium for customers to allow trusted vendors they have had a purchase experience to build a relationship. Even if you only use the Shopify Shop app Tracking only, the advantages of using the feature as a shopper will keep you informed.

Social media marketing is a key digital source of your strategy to reach new audiences, selecting your social media platform and applying digital ads can be expensive, but this is definitely an inexpensive way to reach out without making any efforts to your current users.

Easy support and customer engagement with your brand

Beat the uncertainty of troubled economic times by boosting your customers' confidence with Shopify Shop in keeping them connected to your brand and customer experience. The Shopify Shop app gives customers a way to feel secure and that the business will deliver with a strong tracking methodology to see your parcel to your door. Shopify Shop will show local or curbside pickup if it detects that the store is within reach and business hours are conveniently open for the customer. Giving customers an option for immediate gratification is always a plus when it comes to shopping.

Shop Facts adds transparency to the users by giving them a pulse readout that your business is active and is delivering orders - boosting the confidence in engagement and conversion. This key feature takes no action from the storeowner, and the Shopify Shop App keeps tabs on the full Shopify Store list that's registered. Shopify Shop is a trusted companion for users and is definitely recommended for all eCommerce businesses.

Reducing support and providing peace of mind

While before customers had to keep track of the purchase confirmation email and find their shipping tracking to see when to expect their parcel, Shopify Shop consolidates all online stores subscribed to the Shopify Shop app and provides tracking all in one place. Shipping carriers are integrated into the app, giving users a one-stop location for seeing when their deliveries are due, and their current location updates, and it is regardless of the carrier or store. A map is provided on the journey of the parcel and when it will reach its destination. All this reduces support inquiries all the while giving shoppers real-time information on their purchases.

If a customer needs to review their order, it is all listed in Shopify Shop - no need to dig up that order by entering your email into the online store and looking it up. eCommerce sites are linked with their order system to the customer directly making any small business with a brick-and-mortar store look like an enterprise.

Finally, Shopify Shop reminds users to add reviews of the products that they have purchased, helping your store to increase its user-generated content (UCG) as well as it helping the purchase confidence in the products being sold.


Shopify App is a shopper focused app. While it does promote your shop it will also have "Shops we think you'll love" as well which is related to the current purchases of registered store owners. With "Shops you love" being the ones you have purchased from. It is important to note that this is a free app, and you can only benefit from it on both ends - customers and store owners. If you have any questions regarding adding this to your online store, feel free to reach out to us at


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