Shopify Setup - how to get started

Shopify Setup - how to get started

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For store owners that are looking to transition into Shopify are would like to "kick the tires" of the system, here are some pointers that might assist in the assessment of the platform, architecture, and how to showcase your brand by testing various Themes and see which home pages will be the best for your audience. Just create a Shopify Login with your Email address, and in your new online shop, just register your credit card as it verifies your credentials. You are about to take on the Shopify journey.

Can you sell on Shopify for free?

Shopify has a 14-day Free Trial, after the free period, there is a $29.00USD/Month charge. If your store is setup quickly, your setup time being short will then prompt you for you to choose a Shopify plan, and enter your credit card - only then you can start selling. However, if the period is not long enough to have built your site, then you will have to then choose a plan while you finish up your online store. Additionally, keep in mind that some of the Shopify Apps have monthly costs where each has a different method for a trial period.

Is Shopify good for beginners?

Some may claim it is extremely easy to set up a Shopify Store, and in contrast compared to other platforms it probably is true. What's not so simple is customization to your desire/liking, making Shopify Apps adapt to your Shopify Theme, or have custom functionality. Much depends on your domain authority, audience traffic, marketing funnel experience, product categories, industry, and many more business considerations.

Can I sell products on Shopify?

Shopify would suggest that it allows you to see any type of product, that is of course, not restricted. Restricted items that Shopify's policy highlights are as follows:

Note: Most of which is related to firearms or what the definition would point to as a weapon.

Why do Shopify stores fail?

It is the common thought that online stores fail due to a lack of "conversion", or people not transacting on the Shopify Store. Most of which points to your marketing, your marketing funnel on your site, social media not delivering, or just an undesirable product. A lot of times if all these are well set for a conversion, maybe you could be reaching the wrong audience, or the audience is not engaging with your brand, and finally, the competition has a better/cheaper equivalent. Your shopping cart is only one component to your success, your digital marketing strategy must be sharp, your audience well targetted and conversion tools well-tuned on the store. Only when you have these well established and you execute in the delivery and customer satisfaction, sales will build and success is the outcome.

How much does Shopify "take" per sale?

Shopify takes the following per individual plan per transaction:

  1. Basic Shopify Plan – 2.9% + 30c.

  2. Shopify Plan – 2.6% + 30c.

  3. Advanced Shopify Plan – 2.4% + 30c.

  4. Shopify Plus can vary based on your volume of transactions using Shopify's Gateways (Payment Processor) starting at 1.6% + 35c, or if you use your own, 0.15% Fee on the value of the transaction which covers the cost of the secure connection.

Do I have to charge taxes on Shopify?

Most locations will require your business to pay taxes for the goods you are selling. If you sell locally in your country, your local tax rates will apply. If you sell internationally, then tax rates for each destination need to be calculated and factored into the pricing of your goods. Shopify uses default tax rate tables which are available for use, but it is the store owner's responsibility to ensure they are accurate and properly applied.

How can I get paid from Shopify?

When using Shopify Payments, the method will be called Shopify Payouts, in which your account will be credited with the fees deducted. For third-party payments, the gateway will have the accounting of the transactions and banking cycle for it to credit your bank account.

How to be efficient with setting up your Shopify Store?

By now you can see that there are a lot of moving parts, associated costs to the Shopify Plan, Shopify Apps, Shopify Payments, and other associated fees. Your timeliness is important when building an online store, where a web developer that is a Shopify Expert would accelerate your execution. Preparedness is important, such as having your assets ready for your products, your brand, and your content architecture to be added in. If your planning is well laid out, then the execution minimizes ancillary monthly costs and can start selling sooner.

Shopify Setup Help

If you require assistance in planning your Shopify Store, feel free to consult with us at and we will be happy to assist your planning. We have done many different Shopify Stores, from the Shopify Basic plan to Shopify plus accounts, and our conversation will synergistically bring up all the planning areas to cover well. Preparedness is key when it comes to a SAAS platform, and making sure your online shop is ready in a timely fashion. If you would like to reach out to us - feel free to email us or use our chat and we will get back to you shortly.

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