Shopify Free Theme with online store 2.0

Shopify Free Theme with online store 2.0

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With the updated theme architecture that Shopify has launched, there have been some amazing high-quality Shopify Themes. Unveiled at Shopify Unite in 2021, Web Designers and Developers have been busy improving the user experience and adding additional features to merchandise your goods for your shopping cart to fill up. Most notably, a new Free Shopify Theme called Dawn has been made available - so let's see how much you can get out of a new theme.

Online Store 2.0 - what is it?

Shopify introduced "Sections" which allows you to customize the home page, whereas Online Store 2.0 takes the next step to use these sections for all pages - giving you the flexibility to have a full custom user experience. Additional functionality like Theme app extensions with App Blocks, giving built-in theme modularity making it easy to install and apply the additional functionality. You also get flexible store content to host and manage assets, meta fields have additional flexibility aimed at commerce data. Adding standard meta fields simpler for custom themes to work out of the box and aimed across different market verticals. Presentation hints can then be added to meta fields. All this means that you get a more powerful theme architecture that better targets your audience and is more flexible to be working with it and delivering a more powerful impact on your eCommerce site.

Shopify Free Theme - DAWN

Utilizing Online Store 2.0, this is the more recent Shopify Theme DAWN.Theme setup steps are minimalized to ensure a faster launch of your online store. It is designed to showcase your product images, to support visual and brand storytelling where this visual design is going to help you sell online. The User experience (UX) will be enhanced making your store a more competitive eCommerce website.


To get to your payment gateway, you have the following enhanced features: Cart Notes, Instore-pickup, and quick-buy features. All of which extend your online store's flexibility to allow your clients to interact and make it more convenient to shop.

Marketing and Conversion

This theme will provide you the ability for adding Blogs (good for search engines), cross-selling, FAQs page, Press coverage page, product reviews (helps selling products), promo banners, quick view (for a quick product inspection), and recommended products to help associate and help customers - delivering a better user experience design.


To assist in the engagement of your brand and products, the following is provided as an enhanced way of merchandising:

  • High-resolution images

  • Image Galleries, zoom, Slideshow, Lookbooks, and roll-over

  • Ingredient or nutritional information for recipes or consumable goods.

  • Product options

  • Product videos

  • Shipping/Delivery information

  • Size chart for clothing and anything that needs measurements.

  • Usage information (to ensure the customer has set expectations)

Product Discovery

A key part of the user experience is the way you can navigate the online store. Product discovery features make it easier to find the product you are looking for. Features like enhanced user search, mega menu, product filters + sorting, recommended products, and sticky header.


If you already have a Shopify store and were built 5yrs ago, considering an updated theme might give you better SEO features, as well as better conversion with the above-mentioned capabilities. Revisiting your eCommerce funnel and your online store's theme is an investment that gives you better returns. For most store owners diving into a refresh of their store requires time and resources to achieve it, and that at times is hard to justify with the daily challenges that store owners face. For the few that take on the effort, you put your store ahead of your competition - giving you the edge. If you would like to discuss and cover what an Online Store 2.0 Theme can do for your store, feel free to give us a shout at

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