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For the Shopkeepers and Business Owners requiring a Shopify Expert Resource page that might be worth keeping, having the ability to reach out and obtain the engagement you require can at times be valuable when getting the job done properly and quickly.

A Shopify Expert covers various areas than just being a web developer or doing website designs such as integrating with Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and SEO for search engines to find your online store. Experts will interface with your marketing team to cover your digital marketing strategy and digital advertising all the while the front-end developer can enhance the UX/UI of your landing pages with responsive designs that will help funnel clients to products and services and enhance your sales. It isn't all about programming languages, web applications, or using an API of a social media platform - web design encompasses many marketing aspects and social media marketing - your Shopify Web Designer will take any online challenge.

What is a Shopify Expert

Given the importance to understand the role of a Shopify Expert, their training, and skills to be able to assist businesses, we have covered this in-depth with a previous blog below. The high-quality Shopify Developers serving the Shopify Experts teams are the Shopify Communities best in class for getting the job done:

What Skillsets do you get with a Shopify Expert – the Shopify Academy

Shopify has eCommerce certifications where Shopify Experts (or Shopify Partners) are held to qualifications and standards to meet for the Shopify Community. What are these types of qualifications? How do they matter to you? It takes more than a skillful Shopify Programmer to do the job properly.

  • Project Management – How-to methods to execute successful projects within the Shopify architecture, using the tools and procedures available.

  • App Development – This certification is aimed at the Shopify Developer that has to follow the coding standards, procedures and adopt the best practices in delivering the feature-set that’s being required.

  • Shopify Designing for Conversion – For Shopify Theme Developers, understanding the psychology and usage models behind the interactions with the Shopify Theme, and its features to lead clients to convert.

  • Shopify Theme Development – A certification for those that develop Shopify Themes so as to adopt the best methods to deliver their code into the Shopify App Store. While being tested for their understanding of Liquid coding, Custom Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, SEO, and various Front-end tools; the integration of all these Shopify Theme features into delivering it into an App for clients to confidently download and configure.

  • Shopify Store Operations and Fundamentals – This covers everything from populating a Shopify Store to the running fundamentals of how to operate the store. This helps new store owners to navigate their first steps into the eCommerce world.

There are many “Fundamental” certifications and classes that cover basics in Marketing, Shopify Plus, App Development, Business, POS, Affiliate Marketing, Product, and several more. These provide a good baseline in fully understanding eCommerce with the Shopify Store framework and tools.

Key Benefits in hiring a Shopify Expert

Customer Experience and Service: Leveraging industry best practices, where Shopify Experts use the latest methods and technologies to deliver the customer experience you are looking for aimed at the audience you bring into your Shopify Store. The business knows its customer best, Shopify Experts are trained to interpret your requirements and execute them with precision.

Quality of Work: Shopify Developers working within Shopify Experts teams have to meet high expectations in the delivery of their coding and execution to ensure a positive project closure with the business. For Shopify Experts, Project reviews are important to maintain a high mark, and they appreciate your ratings and positive comments.

Time to Market of your Shopify Store:

Time is money in the business world, whereas in the coding world time gets blurred by creativity and debugging to reach your goals. Managing the Shopify Development process requires various tools and skills to reach the goal successfully and with quality. This is why Project Management orchestrates the Shopify Experts skills and coordinates that delivery to the business.

Extended resource team members:

Shopify Experts have various skillsets to which a Shopify Project can leverage to achieve goals – it isn’t just a back-end or front-end job, some require knowledge from various areas, and this is where a Shopify Expert can outperform the solo Shopify Developer. Through the Shopify Partners Program, the Shopify Academy grooms and trains the Shopify Experts community to reach this synergy. When a project requires a surge of additional developers, the pool of skill sets is at the ready to engage, and aim to keep your Shopify project on track and reach its goal.

Trigger points on approaching a Shopify Expert:

When you have a need, and you are stuck with either time or lack of knowledge to achieve a goal, is where you might need to think in reaching out to a Shopify Expert – here are some common triggers to note:

  • How to Optimize for Customer Loyalty – Getting an App from the Shopify App Store is a good start, but optimizing its use within the store might require additional assistance. Deploying the program between an online presence with a Shopify Store would be different than an online store only.

  • Boosting Returning Customers – While using Customer Loyalty, driving incentives with your online marketing with promotions, rewards, and customer satisfaction guarantees. The coordination and use of the Shopify Apps and features require an understanding of the marketing fundamentals, Shopify architecture, and use of the toolsets.

  • Scaling your business into a bigger Shopify Plan – Shopify Experts work with a variety of Shopify plans and understand each of the features/capabilities well outside of the financial scaling and cost leverages. Opening new doors and access to new features gives your business additional areas to grow into – this allows you to plan ahead when you reach certain goals.

  • Solving a Customer Pain Point – If your store has a deficiency or a gap in the customer experience, Shopify Experts are well versed in understanding these issues and would have several suggestions to solve the issue based on best practices of the eCommerce industry.

  • Dropshipping with a Shopify Store – a lot of businesses have gone into the “dropshipping model” to reduce inventory costs, and drive sales further. Integration with the drop shipper might require assistance from a Shopify Expert to ensure real-time inventory, and ensure that the shipping information is passed onto the customer without issue.

There may be a few dozen more trigger points that a business might have to then need an opinion, engagement, or solution from a Shopify Expert. The Shopify Partner Program has thousand of Shopify Experts at your disposal.

Hiring the right Shopify Developer

There are many opinions on what defines the “right” Shopify Developer, however, the definition that we like to use is “the one that gets the job done right and done once”. For this to occur, understanding the business need, the business context, the experience to be delivered through the right technical solution has to be clear in the Shopify Expert’s understanding and their ability to articulate it and communicate it successfully for execution.

The Shopify Community

The community has over 700,000 merchants that can share perspectives on eCommerce, Shopify Apps, Shopify Experts, and Shopify Tools/API’s – all this alongside Shopify Help. It can be overwhelming at times to sift through the plethora of topics and threads to get your concern or question answered. However, if it is a straightforward one, you usually find a straightforward answer.

Aligning your project with a Shopify Expert

We at TheGenieLab are compelled in helping businesses reach their goals, and reach their objectives through good communication and delivery. With this being said, the blog below covers the way we achieve that level of communication so as to ensure that project requirements and Shopify Expert responses align themselves for an efficient conversation.

Concluding a Project

Just like most Shopify Experts, concluding a project has its benefits on what can be done better the next time, as well as exchanging the additional thoughts on what might be required next to address. A Shopify Store is more of a living project, one that has to adapt to changing market conditions, trends, and tools that improves the experience. Growing a business in a changing environment is challenging, keeping your Shopify Experts on hand for when you need them is a great asset, especially when you require their involvement once more.

We at TheGenieLab are proud to be a 5-star Shopify Expert where we engage regularly the Business community at all levels on their Shopify Store needs. For that purpose, we hope that this article helps in both understanding and the points of engagement with us and the Shopify Experts community. You can find us on the Shopify Experts page at

If you have a need to get to know us on our abilities and capabilities in the Shopify Experts capacity, please see our description below:

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