Aligning your project to Shopify Experts

Aligning your project to Shopify Experts

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Freelancers, vetted programming professionals, Shopify Developers and World-talent on demand all sound amazingly aligned to deliver your project, but how truly do Shopify Experts get to be an asset to your business and your team to ensure success? Shopify experts have the skills for your Web Design needs, optimize apps and programming, work with digital marketing agencies and get your project ready for google analytics. This way your project can be seen by all search engines, and your business can be found

What makes a Developer an Expert?

Shopify Experts are trusted groups of developers that are 3rd party agencies to Shopify’s network. Together Shopify Experts form a “Marketplace” where they are represented by Shopify as a resource for interested parties looking for assistance. Assistance could range widely from a Shopify Store setup, Shopify Private App Development, Shopify Store Troubleshooting, Shopify Web App Development, Shopify Theme Development, and various other areas of Shopify Customisation. An expert is much more than a web developer that does website designs or puts together web applications with various programming languages. Coverage of digital advertising and working with your marketing team to canvas your social media platforms is now a role for a Shopify web designer. A Shopify Agency has representation on the Shopify Experts page just like TheGenieLab has one, and covers key areas they can assist with.

Shopify Experts Home Page:

Shopify Experts Reviews

Like most services in 2021, ratings and reviews are part of doing business, and when it comes to executing work with accuracy in a timely fashion, the conclusion is reflected in the Shopify Experts Reviews sized out of 5 stars and a short paragraph commentary. Highly recommended outfits have top reviews, deliver high-end responsive designs, and deliver a positive user experience.

Where is the Shopify Experts Marketplace?

For a new Shopify Experts experience, the Shopify Help Centre walks you through how to go about getting the assistance you are looking for.

The location is located in the Shopify Help area and can be reached at the below link:

The pages in Shopify Help covers various areas and expectations on how to work with Shopify Experts, from sizing a project, bidding for projects so reviewing their work and compensation.

Matching your project to an Expert

There are a couple of approaches you can take on finding the right Shopify Expert so as to ensure that your project is clearly understood, competitively sized, and priced for the timeframe you are looking to have it completed. Alignments based on browsing Service types, or the use of the Shopify Experts matching by creating a job. Alternatively, if you have heard of a Shopify Expert that has performed well for some other project and are interested in discussing your project, you can contact them via the network. Your online store has different areas where designers and developers can improve and change to your specifications ranging from Shopify Apps to HTML and css changes.

Your Project Definition vs. Expert responses

When creating a job, selecting the appropriate Service is key as it will place the job in the right pool of Experts. When entering the job details, being explicit on the requirements works best when “a good summary introduces your project"; since many Development outfits will view the job. Itemising what will be required to perform below the summary will act like tasks to be executed and finally, explaining your expectations in time-scales will close the initial Job request well.

Digital marketing and Experts

Your project will most likely encompass a digital marketing strategy in getting the word out. Your product and services will require search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and be fine tuned for the popular search engines. There is of course other digital media for online marketing and email marketing like mail chimp, as well as traditional marketing and digital channels. An expert can assist in making the process efficient and coordinated by having the right tools, access, and align them to your needs and departments.

Beyond a Job request – Guidance

If for some reason Shopify Experts are not getting back to you in a timely manner and would like a faster engagement, you can view Shopify Experts by going to the Shopify Experts Guidance page to consult with Shopify Experts directly in various disciplines:


Shopify Expert agencies work hard to ensure they get a good review, therefore most agencies will be very motivated to deliver and satisfy your requirements and expectations. Aligning your Shopify project to a Shopify Expert can be simpler than you might think as Shopify has structured this community for this exact purpose. If you would like to consult with TheGenieLab, a Shopify Expert since 2013, feel free to reach out to us at

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