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Shopify Email Marketing

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Within Shopify, you have hundreds of options on Email Marketing tools via Apps or the native Shopify Email Marketing feature. In this article, we will cover the native feature and how to get the most out of it.

The first step is to organize your customer groups so that you can then select the right group for the right email. Creating templates, drafts and scheduling is all part of the organization tools that need to be handy for you to focus on the message being sent

Shopify Email Marketing Activity

With Email addresses being collected by your eCommerce store, you end up with a pool of customers ready to hear from you based on Promotions, New Products, Seasonal portfolios, Back-in-stock items, and various other categories. From these categories, creating your customer groups is important for the message being sent to resonate with their interest.

Steps to create an Activity:

- Login in to your Shopify Admin Panel

- To change your FROM Email address, you must go to Shopify Store Settings. (See below)

- Next, go to Marketing

- Select Create Campaign

- Select Shopify Email

- Choose an appropriate Email template

- Select the TO field to pick a customer group.

- Enter an appropriate SUBJECT for your Email

- Be conscious of the “Preview text” of the body of the Email so that after the subject, the first line that previews are enticing for the target audience.

Shopify FROM Email address

To engage with your customers, if they reply to your email, you want to ensure it arrives in a way for you to see their comments and not end up in the “” which would easily be flagged as spam, and never reach the attention of the client. This is important and might just need to be set once. Here is how you update your store:

- From the admin panel, select Settings

- Select General

- In the Store Details area, under Change Email, you can edit and change the FROM Email address

- When you are done, click on SAVE.

Personalizing the Email Body content

Shopify will utilize assets from your store to create branded templates for you to choose from, or edit them to your liking. Once you refine your templates, you can then set up marketing campaigns to add your body content to email the groups you have set up.

- In the Shopify Admin select Marketing

- Select Create Campaign à Shopify Email

- Select a Template that you would like to use

There are 4 characteristics to your Email templates: Text/Links, Image, Product (link), Footer (Shop details, Contact Info, Social Media). Not all Email Template themes will support Social Media links in your Email, the Brooklyn, Kagami, Minimal, Narrativ, or Parallax themes will support this feature.

Shopify will provide default content to get you started using best practices by the thousands of store owners using the platform. You have full control of the body and content of your Email.

Body Content controls

You have the ability to add or subtract sections with the “+” icon or the “trash” icon when editing a section. A section can take on the additional text, a product, or an image. You can edit the style/font of the text. You can change the product body content without affecting the product in the store. The price cannot be changed, but can be hidden or can add a sale price in a separate text section.

New Shopify Email templates

You have the ability to create and modify all Emails that were previously sent out for a New Shopify Email campaign – but cannot save a custom template.

Localization/Translation facilities

Shopify Emails have no facility for translation within the Admin area, but do support foreign characters from the manually translated text for a mailing campaign.

Email sending and scheduling

It is important to use the testing of an Email before you send it out to your audience. To do this: Click “Send Test” – it will send it to your Shopify Store registered Email address for you to review. Selecting “Review” will give you an overview of the Email activity.

Once you are satisfied with the content, layout, and message selecting “Send” and then “Send” again will deploy the Email out to your selected Email group. The system allows for maximum recipients of 40K Emails at a time, 5 campaigns per week – resetting every 7 days at midnight UTC.

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