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Shopify Conversions - How to turn conversations into conversions
With social media being at the center of the conversations about your products and services, there are some methods with noting that will help bring a conversation and turn it into a sale. It all starts with your digital marketing strategy, which will cover email marketing, landing pages, call to action, and various apps in the app store. With your target audience following your sales funnel, you can now use Twitter as a social media platform to engage with those conversations and bring them to your Shopify store.

Twitter Sales Channel

You can now post your products on your Twitter channel, with your value proposition and imagery to then directly link them back to your Shopify Store all the while being managed from the Shopify Admin. This facility is available to all US-based accounts, with physical products and a Twitter Professional account. The Twitter sales channel makes it easier to find your target audience due to the high activity of the participants, with 76% of users making a purchase originating from this channel. This group of people has said that the increase in conversation helps them through the states of the sales all the way to the shopping cart and then use their credit card to obtain the item.

Turn your followers into shoppers

With Shop Spotlight and Twitter Shops, both features of the Twitter Sales Channel, they can be used at no extra cost by eligible businesses based in the USA. This will allow you to display your shoppable products directly onto your profile. This facility will allow store owners to easily manage which products are to be highlighted, and when responding to the post on Twitter, answer any questions or engagements giving it a kick-start to the customer journey. You can showcase up to 5 products on a carousel on your Twitter profile with Shop Spotlights, and up to 50 products on Twitter Shops - which is accessed from a button on your profile.
Call to action - the choices of "Buy Now" or "Learn More" are all available and you have full control of navigation and display. With a well-mapped sales funnel stages being executed, your social media account is now filtering and attracting the audience to your online store.
With IOS you can view/engage with the products and see the Shops Spotlight/Twitter Shops, however, with Android you can only see the Shop Spotlight at this time. With the sales process being enhanced with a new sales channel, the intent of the Twitter-sphere is 93% likely to purchase via the platform.

Twitter Shopping availability

It only takes 3-steps to get started with adding this channel, and you will get the following benefits:
  • Product discovery from the Twitter profile receives updates by automatically synchronizing your images, product titles, and product descriptions.
  • Curate a Shop Spotlight or Twitter Shop - you can choose how to present your products on your profile with Shopify Admin editing tools available to make the selections.
  • Managing it all from your Shopify Admin dashboard - when it comes to keeping your sales and marketing tools, being front and center is always an advantage, especially when it comes to the stages of sales on your site, and where your customers are coming from. You can check your storefront status from your Shopify dashboard, and control where the customer lands from the call to action.
  • Grow your audience - use Twitter's Ads platform to grow your followers, highlighting the products that you offer, and the brand value.
Seeing the customer engagement flow through Google analytics will be easy to spot, and can then assess and value the channel's sales. Either going to a product page, landing page, or even a support page - sharing information gets better engagement, as well as lowers the purchase barriers. Together with an email campaign and promotional sales, this channel can raise your average orders per customer and have a higher conversion rate.

Getting started with Twitter Shopping

The Shopify App Store is the place to start in getting this channel installed, look for Twitter Shopping as the app to add to your store. You have to be USA-based, and product-based to enable the channel, and then you are 3-steps away from setting up your Twitter Shopping experience.
  1. Create your first product set, give it a name and add products to the collection.
  2. Choose your display options, from under-bio smaller visual to a more extensive Twitter Shop.
  3. Publish your profile once you are satisfied with the layout.
USA-based users on mobiles will now be able to see and browse your brands' products directly on your profile.


If you are already engaged in promoting your products on Facebook, this would easily be a natural expansion to promote as well on Twitter - both have very engaging audiences. Understanding how it is best to value propose and engage customers is important to entice them to click the call to action you have created so that the audience can then follow your sales funnel. While it may be easy to set up the channel, your digital marketing strategy may require additional planning to execute and reach the level of conversion you are trying to achieve. If you need assistance or advice on how to set this channel, feel free to reach out to us at

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