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Shopify Content Creation  for your online store
Captivating content makes your brand stand out in having engaging content, as well as driving your SEO. If you have a Shopify store, having a content marketing strategy is an important customer experience engagement for your marketing campaigns. This involves keywords, writing landing pages, and blog posts such that your audience can better understand your business, products, and how to best engage with you. Your online store is a marketing tool in itself, and with reviews and testimonials, you have user-generated content where in real-time your content creation is being added to your site. Here we will explore the tools that create content.

Content creation tools vs. supporting tools

There are two types of tools that will serve you well in generating content. The first is the creation process, and how you go about creating content. Tools like SemRush Writing Assistant that's guided with SEO Keywords, Tone of Voice, Readability, and Originality Checks keep the writer aligned with Google Search all the while writing content based on a Keyword Template that's been researched by SemRush to be SEO optimized. Reviews and Testimonial tools add real-time content-creating tools for your products and brand, which are generated by the audience and users of the Shopify Store. There are some AI tools that will generate online content, however, they may vary in functionality.
Supporting tools such as Grammarly are supporting tools that help shape the content but do not create content. Content creation is generated by humans, for the most part, how it is shaped, these supporting tools below assist you with your creative process.

Video Content Creation tools

Video content does not add much to your SEO, other than the title, and at times the comments that describe the video. It is a great communication tool for your brand, your vision, your products, and how to use them and even maintain them. Video editing is a skill that is outside of the writing skills other than script and composition.
InShot: A simple video editing creation tool that can add music, green screen usage, speed-up time, and filters without watermark, a 5-star rating on the Apple store, with over 1.6M reviews. There are free and paid versions of this product with a Pro version for advanced editing tools.
Adobe Premier Rush: This is a Desktop and Mobile tool that can work seamlessly between the two. Edits are synchronized between the various platforms, making it a great tool to work with on the go. Content can be captured and edited seamlessly no matter the device being used. The free version is basic on the editing tools, but Express is the paid version with all the functionality needed.
HitFilm: The easy-to-use interface can produce professional-level video content, this being its best feature. Stock photography and music is incorporated into the library to make it easier and quicker to access so as to shorten the production cycle. There is a visual effects library to enhance the video experience as well. A free version covers the basic tools and a paid version that has an intermediate plan as a monthly subscription and a higher level for Pro.

Content Research Tools

Understanding and researching the interest of what people seek online is key in understanding how to market your online store. You have to catch the search volume with your marketing automation, and email campaigns and have the relevant products that are showing interest. Either when you start an online store, or you have a running eCommerce website, driving content that's relevant to the audience requires research.
Google Trends - Enter keywords here to see how they have trended over time. And it is free!
BuzzSummo - Robust tool for content research, influencers, content discovery, and monitoring things happening online. It can also check your content strategy vs. what's currently trending. Free can get you 10 searches per month, Pro gives you more but its paint to $99/mo, Plus is $179/mo, and Large $299/mo

Written Content Tools

As discussed earlier there are tools that help create content and some tools that shape and check the content. Here we will cover the tools that shape the content:
Grammarly - is a free tool that adds to your browser that can check your grammar and tone of writing. - An automated system that generates marketing copy for you - It is structured by content keywords that you are looking to write about, it then sets up the H2 titles for your blog post, and then it generates the paragraphs for you. You can then edit or regenerate the sections until you are happy with the blog. - A real-time transcription tool that can create content out of an interview, meeting, or dictation.
Given that automated content creation is not as on-point as a "human" writing it down, AI can give you subject lines, a content calendar, and can write a blog post in minutes. It can also serve well when writing for an Email Marketing campaign.


You could be old-fashioned, and you can write your ideas based on the topics that you can demonstrate to have an interest in. However, when writing a Shopify Blog you need to understand what the audience is looking for. Your audience is not just your customers, it is also Google Search as well when it comes to SEO. Knowing why your write, or generate content to address your business goals needs revisiting and verifying the pulse of the internet - tools like Google Trends are a good example of checking that pulse - but then checking your effectiveness in your content, are the right keywords showing up, is your organic traffic increasing are all part of a multitude of eCommerce tools that are employed to check on your lead generation. Content creation is for your audience, how you use the content to attract your audience is for your business. Anywhere between social media, to your Shopify Blogs - if you make the content engaging, you will get the traction for the sales you are looking for.  Feel free to enquire with us at

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