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Shopify Consumer App - Shop

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Shopify announced in April 2020 the release of its IOS and Android App called Shop. This is a first-of-its-kind “shopping app” that delivers a more intuitive shopping experience that ranges from product discovery to the delivery of your goods. This is no ordinary Shopify App, this is a virtual Shopping Mall app where you can live chat to customers using Facebook messenger, do online payments with credit cards, and deliver great customer service.

Along with the new Shopify Shop App, Shop Pay has been introduced to enhance the shopping experience much like Apple pay, Google Pay, and PayPal – but with “Carbon Neutral Deliveries”

A new type of Marketplace

As Shopify redefines how consumers look to browse and experience a shopping experience, it has turned out its hundreds of thousands of stores into a collection of shops as in a virtual shopping mall. This shopping mall is multidimensional given the user’s desire on how to approach their browsing. You can explore this with a free trial of a new store, or just add your store to the marketplace. There is no annual fee or other requirements to join.

The appeal of business owners to sign-up to the Shopify Platform gets a new edge as not only their online marketing drives their traffic, but this new way of shopping will add a new funnel for them.

Consumer-focused and Ease-of-use

The structure that Shopify provides its business owners on the Shopify platform gives them the ability to present and layout the stores in this new format making the experience seamless. More importantly, given the push for online sales due to COVID-19, reaching out to local businesses via an online channel is a great way to provide continuity for businesses during the disruptive times of lockdowns.

Features like one-click accelerated checkout from Shop Pay and Arrive to track your online orders deliver an easy way to shop, pay, and track until you get your delivery.

How it works

You can register with either your Google account or the IOS Apple account, making it easy to register to the App. Alternatively, you can sign in with an Email if you so chose to if you would like to have a distinct account outside of your OS account.

You can choose to shop by location (Shops near you), select and visit the online store to browse their offerings, and follow the shops that you are interested in. You can get alerts of new products or offerings from that store so it is easy to keep in touch with new activities from the store.

Bridging the physical gap

Shopify has endeavored to close the gap between physical shopping to online shopping by mapping the behaviors of what one would do on a daily basis, occasional shopping, and how travel and obtaining goods would be experienced to transform that into an online version. Having this online facility enhances the shopkeepers' ability to reach out to their customers, understand what customers are looking for (more data-driven than physical visitation), and can help build trust, promotions, and improve brand and customer experience loyalty.


As a merchant, considering every channel for additional sales is one of the top priorities. Having an online store with your products and services available for website visitors is no longer enough to compete. You can have various tools from the Shopify app store like a countdown timer to enhance your marketing funnel, and drive a top customer support strategy with online chat, a ticketing system, and even connect your site to text messaging to ensure good customer satisfaction. Communication with customers makes all the difference, live chat software packaged into a live chat widget on your storefront will help convert customers. Improving the experience sometimes means that you have to explore new venues, be part of the Shopify Stores community and strive to differentiate with your merchandise, your brand all the way down to credit card processing.

Shopify has endeavored to simplify eCommerce for shopkeepers and has now started to look into solving consumer challenges. Shopify is looking for online shopping experiences to have an easier, safer, and seamless experience that makes it enjoyable, cost-effective, and provides a confident delivery of their goods. This is disruptive to other marketplaces since the product being searched has been the primary focus of consumer searching – product discovery gets excluded in most cases since you must know what you are looking for to start with. eBay tries to offer this feature with its “home” page on its app, with similar implementations by Amazon and other marketplaces. Shopify delivers a unique experience in making the physical location a "primary search" criteria, where all your local stores are now within reach in one place.


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