Shopify Apps for Customer Service

Shopify Apps for Customer Service

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When you are looking to satisfy and keep your sales rolling forward, it is important to keep your customer service and satisfaction at a high standard. With today's customer reviews and social media, unfortunate incidents can result in bad customer experiences that would reflect on your brand, products, or services.

The target audience begins with your Shopify SEO and content marketing to be in line with what the audience expects, google analytics' search engine, to arriving at your home page. Google's search console has additional tools to pair up with your Shopify SEO tools to enhance your traffic. Your content marketing strategy is an important factor in setting up expectations, at which your customer service executes to that expectation. With your product pages having well thought out keywords for product descriptions, page titles, title tags, meta tags, alt text so it is SEO friendly making your marketing campaigns successful, the below apps will assist you in supporting that same high standard all the while enhancing your brand awareness.

Promotional Shopify Apps

Being able to promote is part of the foundations of the marketing 4P's - however, to entice the conversion, there are apps that assist with getting the basket through to the confirmation page. This is an important pre-sales customer service function that clearly delivers the right message.

  • Countdown Timer App - this app can promote a discount that runs out at a reasonable time set for a website visitor to add products into their basket, and take them to the checkout page. A suggested app is as follows (

  • Live Chat Widget App - The live chat software can connect the customer to your phone via Facebook Messenger, or alternatively convert the conversation to text messaging. Either way, if a customer can get a hold of customer support to answer their questions, it allows greater confidence in their purchase and choice. (

  • Store Credit App - To ensure customers are happy with their purchases, returns give them greater peace of mind and help customers to purchase items with lower risk in mind. However, instead of reversing charges on their credit card, offering store credit is the best way to handle the financial end of the return - credit card issuers will have fewer refunds to process, and the customer can then pick out the next item with store credit at their disposal.

  • Social Media App - In Shopify Stores, the ability to see products and services in use, with client testimonials is very powerful in assisting in the transaction process. While witnessing previous experiences and customer satisfaction, it is like having a free trial without purchasing for you to witness. There are various Shopify Apps - All-in-one or individual ones specific to the network you have a presence on. It is important to note, that visual (Instagram, YouTube, and even Facebook) aids can assist with the additional comments from prior customers pinned onto the image or video.

Help Desk Apps

This category of Apps is more commonplace for businesses where they provide a funnel of communication to the business for customers to reach them through. Being reachable is very important for consumer confidence as well as maintaining a good relationship in both loyalty and brand equity. While there are many different Shopify Apps that cover the various functions of handling customer service requests - here are some key features you should make sure you want.

  • Ticketing system - The ability to handle a request, and have a ticketing number to the request for follow-up and follow-through is important so as to track the opening and closure of a request.

  • Surveying customer satisfaction - The ability to receive feedback is important to see any patterns that require improvement in the process of handling requests or spotting a product quality problem.

  • Notifications - Customer Support agents require reminding at times if research or follow-up is required to keep the ticket's resolution times to be accurate and swift.

  • Shipping Tracking App - While Shopify has a built-in tracker to their integrated shippers, make sure the carriers you choose are integrated or have an app that integrates their system to Shopify.


Customer Service is an important function in every online store. The Shopify App Store is organized in different categories and will show various apps and their capabilities with storeowner reviews attached to them. You don't have to be a Shopify Admin to do the research, but it does require to be one to try and install one in the store. When it comes to online chat Apps, it is usually best to try this in a sandbox or free trial store if your store is live. That will avoid any customer confusion on any interactions while testing.

If you need additional assistance in selecting Shopify Apps for your Customer Service needs, feel free to reach out to us at - we are qualified Shopify Experts and are happy to assist in delivering the right experience to your audience.

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