Shopify App for B2B and SEO Marketing

Shopify App for B2B and SEO Marketing

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This story is not unlike many that we encounter at TheGenieLab, where our customer Noelle Spinosa which owns Noelle Salon came in frustrated with having wasted her time and resources and not getting what she was looking to achieve. The project required us to deliver a Shopify B2B App that would allow her to market other salons nationwide her new product called Veila Hair Extensions which has the best Virgin hair which uses silicon-covered microbeads for the attachment and uses a pull-thru method that makes the application easy to attach and perform maintenance. This new product delivers a superior experience especially for women, and TheGenieLab set up a B2B App that would give other Salons access to wholesale prices by registering them through the website registration.

Here at THEGENIELAB LLC, we’re ready to handle the App and then assist with the SEO efforts after the launch. Based in Miami, Florida, and Cardiff UK our company is known for its outstanding eCommerce and web development solutions and expertise in SEO. We seek to understand your business goals and what it takes to deliver the experience.

Delivering the Shopify App requires one to be a registered Shopify Expert with the know-how on approaching the business requirements and applying them within the Shopify structure and process. Having had the experience with other customers in providing a B2B environment we successfully deployed the App and delivering the desired experience.

When the App was completed, we thoroughly went through the website to ensure that all SEO items were in place as we performed SEO audits to make sure it reached its potential with Google Search. Once testing and auditing were complete, the project was ready to start the marketing efforts, which in this case was focused on Organic Search via Blogs and defining the keywords to compete in the industry of Hair Extensions.

The online review was drafted by Noelle through Clutch, once the review was verified it was published on August 28, 2021. Her comments speak highly of the team, which she got to know personally and worked with them throughout the project before and after launch.

We would like to extend a BIG Thank You to Noelle for this glowing review, and for giving us a 5-star rating!! We wish Noelle great success in both her Noelle Salon and Veila Hair Extensions where we support her on her online store needs.

Noelle is just one of our many satisfied customers. We are calling on our clients to help us gain traction by leaving a review on our Clutch profile.

The Best on The Manifest

Aside from this second review, our company was also highlighted on The Manifest, a B2B resource guide known for its business wisdom, how-to guides, and agency shortlists. According to The Manifest, THEGENIELAB is one of the United Kingdom’s top 70 Shopify developers.

Considering The Manifest’s meticulous evaluation process, this is no small feat for our company. As we move forward, we are excited to take on more opportunities and show how we can elevate your company. Our drive to continuously chase excellence and growth is fueled by this recognition.

We love conversations! Get in touch with us and let’s talk about your project to see how we can help. THEGENIELAB is stoked to hear from you.

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