Shopify Agency vs. Shopify Plus Agency

Shopify Agency vs. Shopify Plus Agency

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One might think that the expertise would be similar or the same when it comes to the skillset of the Shopify Experts working on an Online Store, however, the expanded skills required for Shopify Plus when it comes to an Agency requires one to take note of the differences and what makes a Shopify Plus Agency vs. a Shopify one.


We have covered in previous articles the various features and capabilities in Shopify Plus over Shopify, and what eCommerce strategies and business models can be applied. Anywhere from promotional, web design, UX Design, and customer experience. Search engines are drawn to fully-featured SEO fast online stores, with what Google Search will classify as a good customer experience. However, all of this customer experience management requires the right tools, and while the Shopify developers are using user researchers to keep pushing the envelope, a Shopify Plus Agency is at the cutting edge of technology in applying tech-to-business.

Shopify Stores

Any business can start selling products with a basic eCommerce store, but how do you enhance the interaction with a customer? How do you improve customer loyalty? Promote word of mouth? Take customer satisfaction to where your online reviews are stellar? All this is differentiated by Shopify's capabilities through their various plans that increase your ability as a merchant to improve your growth and promote your business. eCommerce websites have customer expectations on how they operate, which reflects on the business on how it is perceived. This is why your online store needs UX research to ensure that these expectations are met.

Customer-Centric Shopify Agencies

Your audience expects a certain standard, and your business requires one from the Shopify Experts you engage with. Customer-centric Shopify Experts residing in their Agency have the experience and training of the tools and how they apply to large quantities of customers looking to transact and have a great customer experience. This means that the delivery of their tasks must live up to this expectation.

Key differences between Shopify Agencies

There are 2 key components that stand out between the two - one is organizational, the other is in capabilities. On the capability front, it can be split out between speed of development and the other is the technical "prowess" that the team performs at.


  • Shopify Plus Agencies have Program Managers to ensure progress and the direction of projects are focused to be delivered appropriately.

  • Senior Developers are a must when it comes to experience and the ability to deliver in the Shopify plus world, especially dealing with the Shopify API and Scripts.

  • Design Concepts and UX Design research is a key component to pushing the limits of the user experience.

  • Information Architecture, Social Media and SEO skillsets are key requirements in this area as by default, your online store has to have these, but must be driven from within the project itself at the right juncture.


  • Shopify API has enhanced capabilities for the Shopify Plus Store, the use of these capabilities needs to be known, how they are best applied, and for what type of business processes they enhance or impact. This includes Administrative (User API and Multipass) functions and Giftcard migrations.

  • Shopify Plus Discount API, how it applies, and when it qualifies for the right client.

  • Use of improved API call limits and batch processing with other system integrations.

  • Using Shopify Plus Scripts to differentiate the user experience as well and have unique business models that drive the audience to engage, convert, and be retained.

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Business Models

One could say that online stores would be satisfied with just a custom Shopify Store, which would apply to a lot of smaller to medium-sized businesses. When it comes into the space of medium to larger businesses where departments focus on a specific part of the user experience, applying policies and driving the user experience takes diligent process mapping, audience research and the IT execution has to be such that the Shopify Plus Agency can absorb the tasks, question them with objectivity to ensure accuracy and deliver them in a timely manner with high quality. Business models help differentiate companies and are the makings of pioneering in a particular industry. UX/UI design is the bridge to engage the audience, the Shopify Plus Agency is to take the tools to drive that engagement for the company's growth.


A Shopify Agency with their Shopify Experts can build a store, configure one, and set one up with your products and services. They can install Shopify Apps, build you a custom Shopify App for the additional tools you might need. Setting up payment processing for credit cards is easy nowadays, no crazy configurations are needed any longer. Shopify Plus Partners take all of this to the next level - for larger store migrations which are more complex in product configurations, store cards/credit, B2B vs. B2C discounting, Customer groups, and the list could go on. Understanding the various processes and interactions is key to ensure that interfaces and abilities are easily in place for the organization to proceed, deliver and ensure customer satisfaction.

At TheGenieLab we cover both Shopify and Shopify Plus and qualify for all business models - feel free to reach out to us at To read more about our Shopify Plus Agency services - click here.

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