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Leveling up Your Online Marketing Tech Stack


In the past several years, an acceleration of the online shopping space took place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore since 2019, a large push by businesses to have their presence online has taken place. Now in 2022, we have seen a significant evolution of the online marketing space, not just with the rules of social media marketing, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords, the refinement of the rules continue to push businesses into better tactics for high-quality traffic to drive their conversion rates. Together with investing in content marketing, keyword marketing, and email marketing, the drive continues to be very competitive in the online space. In order to be ready for 2023, your marketing tech has to be fresh and ready to use the new tools available to you, in this article we will touch on what are these trending methods and best practices.

Conversation and eCommerce with Attentive

Meaningful interactions online are what start to create rapport with a brand with a Text Message marketing solution. This is a 2-way real-time personalized solution worth considering, given they have over 4.5K leading brands using their service.

Why is SMS relevant?

Reaching consumers has become harder as notifications and many apps try to capture the attention of the individual, yet SMS is still a key space to be notified and be read. 57% of consumers use mobile when shopping online. With this in mind, your promotional message to be acted upon between a text receipt and viewing the offer is high. 37% use a mix of mobile and desktop, and less than 7% use desktop only. This means that SMS can rival Email marketing.

Part of your marketing strategy is to diversify your channels, SMS Marketing adds to your marketing automation, and can be in sync with your Email marketing efforts. reaching your target audience for re-marketing purposes can add a boost of returning clients to view your new collections and new offers.

This is not just for medium to large businesses, but also for small businesses. It complements social media marketing as well. They offer tools for registering and being added to the SMS distribution with 20 high-performing sign-up units for you to use. This can significantly improve your digital marketing efforts if you are already engaged with traditional marketing campaigns.

You can additionally implement A/B Testing of your SMS campaigns and test out your landing pages and see what successful content marketing can deliver internet and engagement for your audience. In addition to testing, you can also have triggers based on user behaviors to encourage the user to close out a conversion (abandoned basket, etc.).

Customer Service Experience

Handling and managing the customer pre-sale and post-sale matters when it comes to brand equity and how the experience is shared on social media. Anywhere from communicating via Email, Chat, SMS, DMs or even on a call, how the customer is managed is key to a good experience. 59% will abandoned a loved brand after a few bad experience, and 17% will just after one bad experience. Therefore, managing the experience is important based on the customer journey. As the experience transitions to Social Media, where you can consume various content and engagements, the viral nature of the platforms can make or break the appeal and engagement of customers.

Common request automation

Tools like can help automate common customer questions such as checking on an order, its shipping status. Centralizing the customer from various channels to the same customer support representative, consolidating it to a single ticket, therefore customers don't have to repeat themselves, and can be served efficiently.

Building Consumer connections with Klaviyo

Klaviyo performed a 5K consumer surveys across various age demographics around the globe has shown that each group has an increase in online spending, including when disrupted by furloughs and layoffs. 70% of surveyed data security and privacy is their number one concern, and 75% said they are open to get SMS from shops they have done business with (especially under 35yr olds). New brands, friends and family recommendation is a primary source. Email and SMS is the preferred communication channel to receive news, notifications and sales promotions. Klaviyo's strength is in data mining with new and better ways to reach their audience in acquiring, engaging and retaining their customers to have a natural business growth.

Going customer centric with Klevu

In order to personalize the experience with customers, Klevu Product Discovery suite helps to adapt the customer behavior to improve conversion for eCommerce merchants, and improves by up to 52% by enhancing the data in the product catalog. It replaces the native search capabilities with its own, transposing misspelled or interpreted search requested keywords mapped to the correct search terms, with little to no input from the merchant. This reduces bounce rates, and frustration by visitors and helps the average basket value to increase.

Loyalty with Yotpo

Yotpo Loyalty is an important tool in order to offer a program that keeps bringing back customers. It is easier and a lot more cost-effective to re-market to existing customers, than having to acquire and convert new ones. Personalized experiences that are customer led while rewarding them for being a loyal customer allows you to build your audience in a cost-effective way. Every eCommerce store should be considering a loyalty program, and understand the touch points before and after a sale.


Online marketing has turned towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) in being able to provide the experience desired by adapting to customer types and using their data to better interface and making a more frictionless journey. More importantly, the use of SMS in conjunction with Email should be considered in reaching out to your audience, all the while rewarding them for their loyal engagement with the brand. If you would like to discuss these tools, and how to apply them, please give us a shout at

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