Keeping Your Website Up To Date

Keeping Your Website Up To Date

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Considered the most cost-effective solution to enhance your site, web revamp services are widely in demand as more technologies evolve and improve. Web revamp and web redesign services are two very different fields that seem similar to a tech-savvy person. A new eCommerce store, store migration, enhanced SEO to App development are the various business skills needed to help differentiate yourself in a competitive market.

Here at THEGENIELAB LLC, we’re ready to handle whichever you need and explain more about their differences. Based in Miami, Florida, and Cardiff UK our company is known for its outstanding eCommerce and web development solutions. We seek to understand your business goals and what it takes to deliver the experience.

When it comes to a web revamp, it encompasses SEO and content optimization — more on updating the web elements and improving how it generally looks. Meanwhile, website redesign touches on rebuilding the platform’s usability and online presence.

A client of ours recently delivered our first review on Clutch, and it features a web revamp project for a dynamic sports camera manufacturer company from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Clutch is a B2B review and market research platform from Washington, DC. that encompasses the IT, creatives, and business services industries. The platform has a vast collection of client reviews and data-driven content from various service providers across the world.

The online review was written by Emily Stewart, the COO of ShotKam, and it was published on May 20, 2021. According to the review, the client genuinely appreciated our responsiveness and accessibility. The COO said that our team is trustworthy and transparent during the whole process.

We want to thank ShotKam and their amazing COO for this amazing review. We are extremely proud to have this review featured on our Clutch profile and have showcased our ability to deliver.

The entire THEGENIELAB LLC is thankful for this 5-star review!

ShotKam is just one of our many satisfied customers. We are calling on our clients to help us gain traction by leaving a review on our Clutch profile.

The Best on The Manifest

Aside from our first review, our company was also highlighted on The Manifest, a B2B resource guide known for its business wisdom, how-to guides, and agency shortlists. According to The Manifest, THEGENIELAB is one of the United Kingdom’s top 70 Shopify developers.

Considering The Manifest’s meticulous evaluation process, this is no small feat for our company. As we move forward, we are excited to take on more opportunities and show how we can elevate your company. Our drive to continuously chase excellence and growth is fueled by this recognition.

We love conversations! Get in touch with us and let’s talk about your project to see how we can help. THEGENIELAB is stoked to hear from you.

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