Is Node JS good for your online store?

Is Node JS good for your online store?

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A Shopify Developer would be trained in Node JS, which is an open-source highly scalable full-stack development language. Everyone knows JavaScript as a front-end (client-side) language used in most websites. Node JS is an Open source run-time environment for Javascript, it is based on Chrome V8 - an engine for Chromium browsers. It was created in 2009 for dynamic web pages so that they could be rendered (on the server) before being sent to a browser. Today it is one of the most used tools in back-end development.

Node is part of MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) and MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) - technology stacks that cover Database, Back-end web framework, Front-end Framework, and Runtime Environment. The Node is the runtime environment component of both. Software engineers that program for eCommerce platforms must have training and competence with Node JS to work on any eCommerce website, either back-end or front-end developers.

Many frameworks have been built for Node, like Express JS, Meteor, Sails, and others. Node JS has been central in key industry-leading enterprise companies such as Netflix, Uber, and eBay. There are many facets to how this technology has been applied, ranging from payment methods to various web applications to sell online.

Advantages in using Node JS

Javascript on a Server has opened the door for full-stack engineers to be creative using its libraries and features using Javascript programming language, which gives you the high-performance ability to write with fewer lines of code in comparison to Java or C. Additionally, the back-end and front-end can be more in synch since the language is the same on both sides. Sharing and re-using code is made simple by node modules (pre-built or re-use their own modules).

Node JS for a scalable microservice architecture

For a Shopify developer, being able to work with microservices is key in delivering the user experience that your online store would desire. Either you start an online store with the architecture in mind, or enhance an existing one, your eCommerce website will benefit from it in both speed and capability.

Your Shopify App - what is it made of?

Microservice architecture is the core function of a Web App. Just like the tools provided by Shopify Apps to your eCommerce store, Node with React and the likes of GraphQL are all the components that build that Shopify App. The Shopify App is broken down into microservices where the developer uses them as needed to build the App to perform the tasks required of it - An app to assist with your Email Marketing, or assist selling your products.

Differentiating your Online Store

Businesses are building business models using Node JS to deliver the user experience, to provide the tools, and drive their brands through social media to reach every household and individual. When you think of how many Apps have been created is mind-boggling, yet there is room for more as the innovative ways to reach new markets and individuals is part of the construct of Node JS. It processes faster thanks to the Chrome V8 engine, where google heavily invests in it.

Node JS Foundation

IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Fidelity Investments, and SAP created a Node JS Foundation. It is an independent community to support Node JS core tools, an open-source project enabling a community to assist each other to solve challenges. Additionally, it helps for the adoption of the architecture and learning of methods and tools. This resource is independent of corporate influence, making it community-driven all the while Google's team continues to invest in its capabilities.

Shortcomings of Node JS

Large computational tasks are a problem due to its single threading processing with the Chrome V8 engine. In recent times, a worker thread module was introduced to assist in scaling the ceiling of the Chrome V8 capability in providing additional threads for parallel processing. Given that there are few developers in the development community that work with Node JS since it is a more recent architecture and the tools are less mature compared to others - it is important to recognize that it is a growing approach on how to deliver progressive web apps.


When looking for an App developer, understanding their training, language, architecture, the risk of not fully comprehending the way your Shopify App will be built is normal. However, understanding the type of tasks that your Shopify Private App or Shopify Custom App will perform based on this article will give you a greater sense of how it can be approached, and how it will be architected. Moreover, you can request your app to be planned before it is coded so you have a reference point on the approach on how your App will be built.

At TheGenieLab, we can assist in your Shopify Development to create your online store, maintain it, or customize it. We are not a jack of all trades, don't worry, we are focused on technology that delivers the user experience you desire. When you need a Shopify Developer, we are highly rated, and Node JS is a core competency that we use in getting the right results. If you would like to enquire further, reach out to us at

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