Farewell to Andrew Cargill

Farewell to Andrew Cargill

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Last week, our co-founder Andrew Cargill left TheGenieLab. It marked the end of an amazing journey for Andy, who had started collaborating on web projects with Dan whilst at University, working from their student bedrooms. That partnership became Creative Communications, which became PHP Genie, which in 2014 became TheGenieLab, a specialist ecommerce development house with offices in south Wales and Florida serving clients ranging from startups to enterprise-level internationals.

Along the way, the team secured investor backing which helped the company grow and mature, to the point where Andy felt he could move on to new challenges, safe in the knowledge that the company is in great shape for the future.

“It has been an incredible journey and provided me with some of the most wonderful and difficult times of my life. An experience I shall never forget.I’d sincerely like to thank every single one of you who helped both grow the business into the beast it is today and supported me personally throughout.I wish all the remaining Genies(and our newstarters) the best of luck in the future :)” – Andy

As we write this, Andy is somewhere on America’s West Coast doing some exploring, developing new project ideas and planning to next stage of his career. We thank him for everything he has done for TheGenieLab and wish him all the best for the future.

As for TheGenieLab itself, the future looks bright with new CEO Fredy Dellis leading the team on both sides of the Atlantic, and the team is very excited about what the coming year will hold.

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