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Discount Apps for 2023 in your Shopify App Store

Discount Codes

Part of the Marketing 4P's is the ability to Promote, and the best method is to use a Discount App. Without having to bring your margins to levels that aren't sustainable, there are ways to promote all the while cross-sell into higher margin products. Deals attract customers when interested in your product and services, and with the correct discount app, the right deal can work towards reasonable customer satisfaction while making your sale profitable. Much depends on how the promotion is being run, there are timed events, BOGO deals, or even seasonal promo codes for shopping online.

Best Shopify Discount Apps

  1. Product Discount: Bold has produced a top-rated App, This operates like a discount code, and does many functions to promote what's been mentioned. Site-wide sales, Discounting products by brand, collection, or type (Tagged product). There is no need for coupon codes, it includes a countdown clock and helps notify your customers by email marketing of the ongoing sale.
  2. Sales Pop-up discount: This is an enticement to message a visitor while onto your online store. A pop-up with a special offer will engage with that visitor based on certain conditions and rules. You can offer free shipping, a percentage discount, a free gift, or additional messaging.
  3. Daily Deal: Building anticipation for your daily deal can be built up - a bit like spinning a wheel for a promotional gift. A daily deals page where all the promotions can be listed in one place can be created to show your target audience what they can expect.
  4. Exclusive discounts: This is aimed at service members, or members of a particular group such as nurses, firefighters, or military personnel. This Shopify App does the vetting for those that apply for the discount and gives them access to products and services at the given reduced pricing. As an example, people with a ".mil" email address would get a military discount.
  5. Wheelio: Gamification can appeal to the addictive and gambling type of crowds. It is an engage-to-win approach with pop-ups based on rules and conditions.
  6. Product Label and Product Badge: This Shopify App adds product labels/badges to collections and groups of products to highlight them to be on a promotional sale. Badges on a new and trending product or most sold products are also an option. It helps users to visually see what the online store propositions and recommends. Badges come in all sizes/shapes and allow for custom text to be placed on affected products.
  7. Happy Birthday Email: Allowing for the receipt of Email Marketing is important for brands that matter to you most since once a year you can receive a special email with a special offer for your birthday. A free gift or discount can be part of your offering, it helps customers to re-engage with your brand.
  8. Sales Countdown timer bar: With a limited-time offer on promotional offers, similar to Daily Deal above it creates an urgency to online store visitors on items they might be interested in. This app also includes a sliding scale of a percentage discount, giving the most discount early on the promotional time, while reducing the discount as it gets to the end of the countdown. This encourages the audience to move on to the conversion at the earlier stages of the promo. You can set this up without a promo code and associate the products, collections, or tags with the sales event.
  9. Unlimited Bundles and Discounts: By combining certain related products as a bundle, and adding on-page prompts so that the audience can be in-tune with their basket choices. This app helps the conversion as customers see value in the discount of the bundle all the while appreciating that related products are being highlighted for a better user experience.
  10. Bulk discounts: Creating single-use, limited-use, and unlimited-use expiring codes when you can apply them to a bulk discount purchase. You can also have loyalty and affiliate programs to encourage returning customers, as well as referral promotions to reward you for spreading the brand.
  11. Upsell and cross-sell Sell-easy: When products are added to the cart, this app encourages buyers to promote items that are related to either reach a promotional threshold (Buy 2 get one free for upsell, or Buy item 1 and get item 2 and x% off). You can also run BOGO campaigns, or have a promotional discount if the basket reaches a certain value. This app looks to increase your average basket value to make the purchase worthwhile for the customer.
  12. All-in-one automatic discount: High-volume and Bulk purchases can receive a discount when adding items to a particular amount threshold. Customer can also stack their discounts which can be displayed on the basket page to see how much they are saving.
  13. Wide bundles-quantity breaks: Displaying multi-purchases at the product page level, where you can select and be aware of the quantity discounts based on volume. Take socks for an example - purchase 1 pair is one price, buy 3 pairs you get a small discount, buy 10 pairs, a larger discount is offered.


This gives a wide variety of promotional tools that don't require any programming within your online store. You can combine your promotional tools with Gift Cards, Loyalty points, and the use of Digital Wallets (as well as all other Credit Card brands) to make the experience more frictionless at checkout. It is important to note that some of the Shopify Apps have a range of free to paid subscriptions, and at times have a free use time limit so you can try the app in your store. Carefully reviewing how your audience will perceive your promotional offers, and what makes the most sense to communicate the promotion is important. Once the promotional business model is chosen, shopping and trying out the correct type of Shopify App will help assess the functionality, utilization, and ease of use experienced by the customer. Price can be assessed based on the overall experience delivered by the Shopify App, and at that point, you might have a solution and at times another alternative to select from. If you need assistance in selecting a promotional app, feel free to reach out to us at

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