BigCommerce B2B Edition launched

BigCommerce B2B Edition launched

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When it comes to a B2B platform, BigCommerce has put out an enhanced version of their platform aimed at the B2B businesses with additional functionality to their already B2B enabled cloud-based online store builder. B2B companies can now opt to have a more tuned store for their B2B business model with account managers provided with additional tools to operate more effectively.

B2B eCommerce Platforms vs. BigCommerce B2B Edition

There are several B2B eCommerce systems such as Magento which is a hosted solution. BigCommerce already has b2B features in their generic offering, which can cater to b2B and b2C. This new version is particularly aimed at sales efficiency for B2B Merchants and Enterprise users. This can cover purchase orders, Point of Sales integrations, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrations.

The make-up of BigCommerce B2B Edition

The combination of BigCommerce Enterprise and their partner BundleB2B has yielded an integrated functional package that's hard to rival in the eCommerce industry. B2B functionality will make it easier for B2B customers in their purchase order process, get order details easily, process purchase requisitions through the purchasing department easily. B2B transactions and approvals also get streamlined. This B2B eCommerce solution is a serious system that should be reviewed by anyone considering an updated platform for their b2B business model.

Enhanced B2B Shopping Experience

Given that it is all well and good that new features get mashed together for a richer set of options to work with, here are the key take-aways that this new version delivers on:

  • Ability to create and set up custom quotes with appropriate discounts to which sales or support reps can log in and purchase for a customer. This means special "deals" are easily created for the sales team to just reach and sell to customers - making it perfect for a B2C company to promote your product/brand/bundle and sell it while ordering it.

  • Ease of promotion to existing customers or new customers by having these "deals" made available, and if a new customer purchase pattern emerges, you can dynamically create a new discounted bundle. With shared shopping lists and repeat "Buy again" features to make the process easier, advanced payment options provide additional flexibility to make sales even easier.

  • Tiered pricing with differentiated sales bundles by client tier. Have programs to incentify sales through pricing pushing volume in a controlled and profitable way. This allows for a more effective B2B and B2C marketing and communication of pricing/value.

The purchase order system has been turned into a fully flexible system to give you the tools to promote, bundle, discount, and price such that your incentives are at the forefront of your B2B store. Reports which are now sophisticated to give you full transparency of which B2B customer is performing the best, which products, bundles or tiered pricing is performing the best.

Transitioning from BigCommerce to BigCommerce B2B Edition

If you are already using B2B features in BigCommerce, it is only an upgrade away within the eCommerce platform, once upgraded, the new features appear and you can get to work in setting up your offerings, working with your point of contacts to give a bespoke purchase experience. There is very little downside to this upgrade as the enhancements make sales frictionless.

Considering BigCommerce B2B Edition

Most businesses have to do some serious evaluations to change platforms via process mapping, UX/UI experiences, ease of use for your staff, managing permissions and approvals is all part of the job. If you have your operation reasonably well mapped and would like to evaluate and see if this is the solution for your business, feel free to reach out to us at - being BigCommerce Experts, we will be happy to assist in the assessment.

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