BigCommerce and B2B Online Store Advantages

BigCommerce and B2B Online Store Advantages

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Some platforms for eCommerce are more in tune with B2B than others, and Bigcommerce is one of these. Here we will unpack what's special about the online store architecture that leans this way, what tools are being provided and will it satisfy the various business models that are in that space.

Bigcommerce Background

A long time ago it was a hosted platform but things have changed to a cloud-based architecture. Bigcommerce is a content management system (CMS) with the specific purpose for it being implemented as an eCommerce website. There are no programming languages required to set up a store, and with the help of the Bigcommerce partners that have provided tools in the App Store, the only thing left to do is to choose a payment provider to transact credit cards.

Key B2B features of Bigcommerce

Price lists and customer groups - The ability to have tiers of customers such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum based on volumes of sales, and being able to attribute these clients to a group that's giving them an incentive with greater discounts is a very powerful tool. There is no need for a Bigcommerce App to have this capability, you are all set to be selling products.

Corporate Account Management - Delegation and empowerment of your customers to be given the tools to manage their purchase orders. A lead customer can be given specific roles and permissions to manage the purchase order before it being placed - saving time, encouraging accuracy, and delivering a reliable partnership.

Invoice Portal - If the purchase order is done over the phone, sometimes it is done to check for inventory on the shelves and have the goods set aside, the client can then log in to review their invoice and settle it.

Quotes vs. Invoices - whereas most eCommerce platforms will just generate an invoice from the basket of goods once the basket is transacted, the ability to be able to quote a basket for review, apply discretionary discounts to that quote, and have a manager approve for a transaction.

Shared Shopping list - When a purchasing manager needs to be organized so that anticipated purchases need to be prepared, require approvals, or need to be shared with other team members, this ability keeps the organization in the loop.

Buy Again - For repeat purchases, this obvious and essential feature is a must-have. Saving time, saving reviews and approvals.

Payment Control Visibility - The ability to extend credit, net30, or net60 terms are crucial in B2B environments, to review payment history, methods of payments giving your business the tools to judge risk and how much to extend.

The Bigcommerce platform can really enhance the B2B user experience where it is not reliant on web design work to be adjusting a theme from a front end developer, the tools are pre-built into the architecture with a 14-day free trial to test it out.

Web Development

Where there is an online store, there are web applications that may require to be enhanced or changed to fit your business model. Bigcommerce experts are there to guide you and help you set up your store specifically tuned to your way of doing business, ability to handle your customer, and their experience. Anything from website design to shipping rates or connecting your social media and helping you set up your email marketing, Bigcommerce development encompasses all the various business tools you might require.


Bigcommerce is a mature, tried and true platform built with B2B functionality as part of its architecture, making you less dependent on Apps and other customization that would otherwise be required to fit your business. The Bigcommerce community is well established and has Bigcommerce Expert at the ready to assist you in any capacity to operate. We feel it is important to have reliance on the tools your business depends on, and the Expert that helps you build the business further. If you would like a conversation, feel free to reach us at

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