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Automate ECommerce Processes With the Shopify App Store

ECommerce automation is a powerful technology that gives Shopify store owners the ability to consolidate business processes and uncover cost savings. It ensures that orders are fulfilled accurately, inventory levels are updated promptly, and customer inquiries are addressed consistently.

While eCommerce automation does not eliminate room for error, it can reduce the amount of time spent on petty tasks. WebLime shares some ways you can automate common workflows to save time and improve results.

Inventory Management

Shopify offers a robust platform to automate a variety of tasks from order tracking to marketing and logistics. However, there are some areas of a business that may require human supervision and manual labor. These areas include inventory management and accounting.

Streamlining inventory management is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your eCommerce store. The key is to understand the cycle of each product and how it moves from warehouse to shelf. This will help you better understand what needs to be reordered and when. This also helps you minimize the amount of money tied up in inventory by preventing over or under-stocking.

Automated workflows can help you eliminate manual processes that are time-consuming and costly to your eCommerce business. This can free up valuable resources and enable your team to focus on the important work at hand. It can also help you create a better customer experience. Automating these workflows can save you a lot of time and money while making your eCommerce business more efficient and competitive.

To begin building your automation, first, select the system to be integrated with and then find a reputable app in the Shopify App Store. Look for affordable apps with excellent support. Once you have chosen an app, set up a workflow and make sure everyone in your company knows how it works. This will allow you to start eliminating old manual tasks and take advantage of new automation in the future.

Once you have automated your workflow, it's time to focus on other areas of your eCommerce business. Start with marketing, and then consider implementing other automation such as email notifications and unique abandoned cart campaigns. These can drive more revenue and increase your conversion rate.

Another area that should be considered for automation is QA testing. Using an automation tool such as Zapier can help you easily test a wide range of scenarios in your Shopify store. This can help you to identify potential issues before they can impact your customers, and it can help to reduce the amount of time you spend on manual QA tests.

Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is the step-by-step process of getting products into a customer’s hands. It involves warehousing, picking and packing the item, and shipping it to the customer. Streamlining the order fulfillment process can save money on labor, and it can also boost sales. But to be successful, faster order fulfillment must meet the customer’s expectations and be affordable for the business.

For eCommerce sellers, it’s essential to automate as much of the workflow as possible to improve efficiency and reduce time spent on routine tasks. Using an automated workflow for back-office functions, logistics, and tracking can make it easier to run your online store and focus on marketing instead of wasting time on repetitive manual activities.

To make the most of Shopify automation, start by identifying areas where you can eliminate manual processes and replace them with automated ones. For example, manually importing each order into your accounting system can clog up the process and waste valuable time. To avoid this, automate the workflow by creating an app that automatically imports sales orders from your POS, or uses one of the best Shopify apps for this: MESA.

Another great way to streamline the order fulfillment process is by implementing upselling or suggesting additional products that customers may be interested in, based on their current purchase. This can increase average order value and promote repeat purchases, which is good for your business’s bottom line.

Lastly, automating your shipment tracking process can help you build brand loyalty and ensure that customers have the best experience possible with your company. By using a tracking automation app like Aftership, you can create a customized branded tracking page and send email and SMS notifications to your customers when their order has shipped.

Ultimately, automating common workflows can significantly reduce the amount of human error in your store every week and drastically improve the customer experience. By using a Shopify app like MESA, you can quickly and easily set up automation for marketing campaigns, inventory management, customer service, and shipping and fulfillment. So what are you waiting for?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a critical component of your eCommerce business. When you automate your email marketing, it allows you to send messages that are relevant to the customer’s stage in the buyer’s journey and increase conversions. Email automation is triggered by events or activities on your website and can be set to send notifications before, during, or after a purchase. You can also use them to share product updates, discounts, and other promotions to help your customers stay engaged with your brand.

Email automation is a powerful way to streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. They can send notifications to your customers when an order is ready for pickup, track the status of their order, and provide tracking numbers. These automated emails can even be customized to include your logo and branding. This helps to build brand loyalty and increase brand awareness.

You can also automate your social media marketing with the top Shopify apps. These include Kit which is developed by Shopify itself to act as your personal employee and handles Facebook retargeting and Instagram ads so you can scale faster. Other top Shopify apps for automation include MESA which is used by some of the largest eCommerce businesses to automate marketing, customer service, shipping and fulfillment, fraud detection, and upselling.

MESA has a simple setup process and is easy to integrate with your existing apps and systems. Its integrations with popular apps like MailChimp, Salesforce, and Sprout are what makes it unique and a leader in Shopify automation.

A free trial is available so you can get started today and start leveraging the power of automated workflows. You’ll have more time to focus on your core business and grow your revenue.

Using the right tools is key to running an efficient Shopify store. Implementing automation can reduce manual work and errors while freeing up time for your team to concentrate on new projects and long-term growth plans. Embracing eCommerce automation is essential to your success and can provide significant cost savings as well as a better experience for your customers.

Customer Service

There are plenty of ways to automate eCommerce processes such as customer service (including live chat), shipping and fulfillment, data tracking, fraud detection, marketing, and upselling. Fortunately, the Shopify App Store has an abundance of apps that can help you automate these and other important operations to free up your time so you can focus on growing sales and spending more quality time with family and friends.

In addition to streamlining manual tasks, automation can also save you money by reducing the cost of maintaining a team of testers who would otherwise be needed to manually test your store. Adding an automation tool for testing can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete this task and improve your overall test coverage as there is less chance of human error.

By embracing automation in all areas of your business, you can streamline many manual tasks, uncover cost savings, and focus on new projects or long-term goals. To get started with automation, consider adding MESA to your Shopify Store. MESA is an all-in-one platform that can help you automate your entire workflow, from marketing to order fulfillment and everything in between. It’s simple to use, trusted by some of the most popular brands, and available for a 7-day free trial.

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