A Shopify Agency that aligns with your business model

A Shopify Agency that aligns with your business model

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Every business does it differently, and when it comes to online stores, it required that the tools adopted correspond to the business model, and not the business adopting the tools and changing their workflow. Anything from your digital marketing and email marketing to be funneled through to your conversion rate, the customer experience through your UX design, the Shopify Apps used, and the social media culture you foster. The difference between a web development house and a Shopify Agency that looks into your business makes a huge difference in how the project turns out.

Improving your Conversion Rate

Selling products through an online store has a lot of dependencies on how your conversion rate gets impacted. Setting your marketing aside, the store with its web design, doing your UX research applying the best practices to assist your audience to purchase and subscribe to your brand, product, and services. The number of conversions by your audience is based on ease of use, the built-up trust, and the supply/demand of the industry and the associated product. Combined with marketing tactics, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns all following your digital marketing strategy will drum up the excitement to augments the audience to transact with their credit cards. It is the combination of the two factors - where your marketing goals deliver the total number of converted customers and being able to fine-tune your campaigns to drive your business forward.

A High-Quality Shopify Agency

While it is understood that a Shopify Agency meets the criteria that Shopify expects of a Shopify Expert, there are several differentiators when it comes to execution. A cutting edge Agency will take the time and effort to understand how your business model works - what makes you special in that industry, what do your customers see in your business that makes you stand out - this requires you to share information about the business that will help to ensure the tools adopted are in-line to the business goals and augment the conversion rate you are setting to achieve. This might be process mapping, setting up to measure different digital channels, automating your online marketing, and assisting to pick out additional tools from the Shopify App Store.

The Customer Experience

One key business outcome is the customer experience and the reviews that are brought back to the product, the brand, and its service. It all starts with the expectations being set correctly that could come from your email marketing strategy on some promotion, with the subject line being on point to the audience. Your content marketing all supports the product, how it performs, how it helps solve and service the demand that's pent up in the marketplace. When you start selling the product, the experience of how it is purchased, how it is communicated and received with notifications and communication is key to setting up the customer with anticipation. The support on how it is used, the documentation, the unboxing experience all add up to satisfying the expectation of the client. The use of the product and how it performs then adds up to reviews, recommendations, and telling your friends. This journey is had to manage, it is hard to ensure that all goes well and relies on many partners getting it right. And it all of this, the Shopify Agency you use is right in the middle of it - getting the product to your client, and helping them via content to make it work.

The Social Media Element

While the customer experience has its journey, social media provides an interactive environment where customers can show their product, the unboxing experience, and the use of it. But more importantly, it allows for discussions, education, opinions, and even technical details at times. Overall, groups of users are formed, where anything that's discussed can be engaged with by the manufacturer, the seller, distributor, and all the way down to the service department. When things go extremely well, the product can go viral placing inventory shortages to be a risk of disappointing the audience, or when they go badly, a critical flaw could scare customers away. While the business is focused on managing the social side of the interactions, the online tools to manage the purchase experience from what may be brought in from social media is up to the Shopify Agency to look at both extremes, especially the high demand one (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) for example. Key parameters such as server load (Hosted), and transaction loads are important when it comes to peak demand, and are crucial to support your marketing efficiency in the execution of your funnel. While many businesses have hit roadblocks in peak demand times, the right Shopify Agency will ensure the right tools are there to manage it.


Whether it is a web design update or a new store build, the Shopify Agency has to work with you to confidently deliver to your business. Web development is not enough to provide capabilities without the context of the customer experience that your business delivers. Improvements in conversion rates are expected, and while tools exist to assist in this, understanding the business's way of delivering that experience, the way the products are sold are all part of the equation for the Agency to perform to. If you have a project that's not subscribed to be the norm in selling and would like to discuss how this process works, feel free to reach out to us at wish@thegenielab.com

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