9 of Our Favourite Shopify Designs

9 of Our Favourite Shopify Designs

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The internet is an amazing thing when you think about it. There are millions upon millions of websites out there, and (almost) every single one is different. Designs change from site to site, with some being heads and shoulders above others. Here are our 20 favourite Shopify designs from across the web:

#1 Geysir

Our latest Shopify store, Geysir is actually 4 separate stores in that cater to the domestic Icelandic, American, European and British markets. It is responsive and draws deeply on the heritage of Icelandic wool that has kept people alive for centuries. The products are as warm as they are beautiful, and our site is designed to reflect that.

#2 Broken Riders

Broken Riders is an independent clothing company with a website that’s as clear and straight to the point as their products. No faffing around with complicated menus or flash images – you have a simple scrolling image and big friendly images taking you to the store’s different departments.

#3 Hard Graft

Hard Graft’s website is simplicity in its purest form. Big, beautiful pictures click through to the product page and give you a great idea of how it will look in real life. It is great in responsive mode as well, shrinking down to a mobile device with no problems what so ever.

#4 ISUS Ltd

Ok, so this may be a little biased because we made it but it really is a work of art! With clear crisp picture layouts and an incredibly easy to navigate menu it isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s functional as well!

#5 Forty Ninth Parallel

With a website this stunning you wouldn’t believe that the Forty Ninth Parallel sold coffee beans, as it looks more like a designer clothing website. Despite this, the website is elegant, easy to use and informative – great for customers and coffee enthusiasts!

#6 Pure Fix Cycles

In terms of looks, there’s only one word for the Pure Fix Cycles website – wow. The photography, graphics and font are all absolutely spot on and again the responsive design is an excellent touch. All the products are beautifully presented and give all the information you need to make a secure, trouble-free purchase.

#7 Lives and Levels

Big pictures are most definitely the trend right now. A trend that Lives and Levels are using to the fullest with large, detailed pictures across the website. Product pages are clear and detailed, showing prices and descriptions in the easiest to digest manner.

#8 Chalkd

Calls to action, creative artwork displaying their products and a very easy to navigate menu – Chalkd has it all! The design is very appealing and highlights both the company and the products brilliantly. Independent retailers need to be doing things differently to show how they are unique and that’s exactly what Chalkd’s website has done.

#9 PlayButton

Not only is the idea behind the PlayButton brilliant – it’s a button-come-mp3player – but the website is simply flawless. No cluttered messages or lots of sales spiel as to why you should buy one – just the product, price and an easy to use check out system.

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