5 Reasons to Use Bespoke PHP Web Development

5 Reasons to Use Bespoke PHP Web Development

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These days, if you’re building a new website, there are plenty of cheap options out there. But here at TheGenieLab, we’re firm believers in the age-old mantra that you get what you pay for.

Not that our costs are astronomical, far from it, we just believe that if you’re looking to really engage your customers in a personal way you might want something better than a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are 5 reasons why:

You have unique requirements

Every business is unique. Each company has different needs and different ways to reach specific customers. So it makes sense to invest in a website that can be flexible enough to suit those unique requirements that you have.

If you’ve some really fancy ideas that stand out from the crowd, you might well need some bespoke PHP development. Perhaps you’re looking to develop an interesting way to order and display products, create a specialised dashboard or cultivate a method for people to view content online. Whatever it is, you might have more joy with bespoke PHP design.

You’re allowed to adapt in the future

The beauty of bespoke PHP websites isn’t just so you have a website that’s tweaked to suit your present needs, but that you’ll be able to amend and adapt it in the future if you need. Large sums of money can be put into bespoke website, but if you do it right you can ensure that you’re not spending even more in 18 months’ time to get it up to date with the rest of industry.

You can integrate it into other areas

Integration is a big factor when people choose a bespoke PHP site. Whether it’s to align alongside accounting software, other sales channels or logistics methods, it’s essential for many new websites to smoothly integrate with related areas. There are some mainstream providers like Shopify that are great when it comes to integration but there are times when even they might not be as effective as a bespoke PHP website.

You can enjoy a faster website

Often, people assume that a custom-built site, with its many quirks and innovative features, is slower than an out-the-box option. That’s not so. With the right design, and the right designers, a bespoke website is faster, more responsive and more effective – providing you with fewer bounce rates, better search rankings and a better ROI.

So why don’t people go bespoke?

When choosing how a website will be built, many managers are aware that some bespoke packages can go over budget and take too long to implement. It’s common for many companies to opt for a safer, if less exciting option, that gets the job done with no nasty surprises. Bespoke isn’t for everyone – there are great off-the-shelf options out there for a number of brands.

At TheGenieLab, we believe that good prices, feasible timeframes and bespoke PHP websites aren’t mutually exclusive.

Need a bespoke PHP online shop that’s created on time and on budget? Talk to TheGenieLab today. We’ve wide experience in building effective, innovative websites that increase turnover and grow businesses.

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