5 Innovative Design Trends for 2015

5 Innovative Design Trends for 2015

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2014 was a great year for web design. We saw lots of full screen photography, responsive got the respect it deserved, and things got pared back to sleek, purposeful minimalism.

But how are these trends going to progress into 2015? What can we expect to pop up in our many and varied browsers?

We’ve taken a look at what the big boys of design are predicting and considered what they mean for eCommerce, so that you can cherry-pick your favorites and come to us with some innovative ideas for your next big design.

Video Backgrounds

As we mentioned in our intro, large imagery was a big deal in 2014. They made quite a statement for the websites that used them well, so it makes sense that the natural progression of this trend will lead to background videos.

Now that we’re in 2015, the web’s become a complete multimedia experience, and we’re going to see powerful visual content across the board. As far as eCommerce is concerned? HD-quality backgrounds on landing pages can provide a great insight into your company culture – or you could invest in attention-grabbing demonstrations of your product.

Unique Navigation Menus

Last year was the year of floating and sticky menus, but this year we’ll see even more innovation as far as navigation is concerned. Slide up, fly out and dynamic animation will all get their moment in the sun – and we think it’s got a lot to do with the precious real estate on smaller screen sizes.

This technique has been carried over from app design, and we think it’s great for eCommerce. In an industry that relies heavily on customers being able to successfully navigate to the products they want, fly-out menus offer a way to do this without creating a cluttered interface. Don’t overuse it though – we’re thinking landing pages only.

Illustration and the Human Touch

This is an interesting one – as it almost counters the trend away from skeuomorphism that we’ve seen in the last few months with the rise of flat design.

This year we’re expecting to see an increase in hand-drawn elements on the web – think logos, backgrounds, graphics and typography.

Beautiful custom illustrations can do a lot to emphasize your brand, telling your story in a way that’s completely personal to you. The human touch can help you connect with your customers in a completely different way – but make sure it’s suited to your brand before you invest.

Product First

This is an exciting trend for eCommerce, as it gives both startups and big businesses a way to portray the experience and feeling of their products.

We predict a trend for interactive, 3D based experiences that highlight the finer details of physical products. It’s the next best thing to a real-life demonstration.

Bagigia are brand that have used parallax scrolling at its best to showcase their innovative bag. The site suggests customers to ‘take me, turn me on, play with me’ and it’s a pretty irresistible offer.

Micro UX

Otherwise known as ‘little big details’ – basically we’re talking the tiny things that make a real difference in design and interaction, small touches that surprise and delight the user.

From quirky images and expressions to hidden functionality, we predict we’re going to see more intelligence in web design this year.

A great example of this is Automattic – whose ‘all jobs require’ spiel turns into an encouraging prompt once you’ve returned to the site a few times. In eCommerce? Perfect for those customers that just need a little extra push!


So that’s our input – what do you think? Any of these up-and-coming trends look like something you could incorporate in your design?

Let us know – we’d be more than happy to work with you!

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