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We are certified NationBuilder Architects. We really like the platform, and we believe that it has huge potential for a wide range of organisations that have an important message to communicate.

Want to make the most of NationBuilder? At TheGenieLab our crack team of NationBuilder developers have a wide range of skills that can help you reach the right audience. Our in-house design and development team can build you a great looking, well thought through and highly functional Nation. You'll also be able to integrate your existing platforms, create new functionality, and pull in data and content to make your visitor experience richer thanks to our API and custom development experience expertise.

What is NationBuilder?

NationBuilder is community organising software originally built by a team in L.A. It's been used to revolutionise political campaigns, charities, advocacy organisations and movements. It can help coordinate online organising efforts with a focus on the people, not the technology.

Through NationBuilder, you can cultivate a community that's built around your organisation's aims - managing websites, events, social media, emails, canvassing data, donations and much more from a central location. It also helps to identify your most promising 'prospects' for more engagement aimed to getting them more involved in your work.

How we can help

To learn more about our Nationbuilder development please speak with a member of our team today on +1 305-762-0130, via Twitter @thegenielab or by E-mail

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